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How many teachers use Safe Pouch to make their class phone-free and engage students

As current teachers, we know the cellphone is not just a distraction problem, but it also creates many other problems. More importantly, we can use it as a positive incentive or consequence. We understand it can be difficult to get your school to pay for the tool you really need. We invented a Safe Pouch […]

How Safe Pouch Transform Schools and Learning

Phone-Free Classroom Step-by-Step Implementation (Individual Teacher) Pros Does not need school-site implementation, individual teachers can implement in their classes. Low-cost investment since each teacher only need a few about 5 Blue Safe Pouch® and a key. Fewer students will abuse the pouch because it is always in the classrooms. Cons Teachers must monitor and enforce […]

The easiest way to enroll all students.

Best way to enroll students Play the video from provided Google Presentation URL for students: Write Course ID and Enrollment Key on the board Ask students who have completed the task to raise their hands up, so you can reward students points/candy/other treats for completion.

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