“Join us and many teachers to redefine their teaching to provide learning equity”


StreamlineED is an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity for teachers to implement Blended Learning instruction by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided tools and their tools to implement high-impact strategies. It is effective for any education settings, distance or in-person.



Your teachers throughout your district are inspired to collaborate to work smarter by easily sharing ideas, resources, and activities. Their contribution is recognized and protected so the district can recognize and reward outstanding teachers.



Teachers access real-time and comprehensive data of all students’ progress and learning outcomes to quickly identify struggling students and provide appropriate intervention. Using our strategies, teachers can provide meaningful intervention quickly and easily


Start empowering teachers with little cost?

  • Dedicated Learning Management Website: Each participating district will have a dedicated website that only their staff and students can log in using Google Login Authentication, so your district does not need to share any login information with us.
  • Sustainable Pricing: We do not require long-term contracts or site-license.We do not require any initial setup fees. You will only pay for any teachers who have been trained by us and continue to the provided website. Your teachers will determine the date that they have started using the service. We trust you and your teachers.
  • Low-cost & effective training: Without site-license, districts can cut their training cost up to 70% by focusing their effort on innovative and motivated teachers to build influencers. We have free online training with step-step videos that teachers can complete in less than three hours at their convenience.
    • Build influencers with a little cost: You can pay any teachers who have completed the three hours training videos and attempted to implement it in their classes. Teachers’ effort and progress are time-stamped and collected so you will know if teachers have honestly completed the training videos and implemented our strategies. Out solution has so many benefits for teachers that we currently have many teachers who are paying for it with their own money and invest their time to collaborate and create content.Training teachers in-person is expensive, ineffective, and not measurable.

Read how we can start empowering teachers and administrators at your school.

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Students [are] rushing to my class

Students know that they have a window of 8 minutes after the tardy bell rings when coming to my Biology class in order to complete their warm-ups. Therefore, I often see students hustling and rushing to make sure they come to my class on time

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“timed warm-up … shuts off automatically”
Bio/Earth Teacher

“Students are given a timed warm-up, which shuts off automatically after a certain time frame. This results in more students coming to class on time in order to complete it. I have also had situations where students are completing the warm-up on their phones before they get to class because they are tardy. So even though they are not in class on time they are participating in class remotely

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Easy Phone-FREE Solutions
Chemistry Teachers

Safe Pouches completely transform by classroom management, especially creating a phone-free learning environment in my class. My high-risk students learned not to have their phones anymore. NO MORE TELLING THE SAME KIDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I just give them a Safe Pouch, and my students know exactly what to do and the benefits and consequences.

Arthur Nguyen
Chemistry Teacher

The main reason why many students failed Chemistry is their compulsive addictions to their phones. It is the same battle against the same students. Each year, some new guidelines and policies make it hopeless for teachers like me to do anything. We cannot confiscate or touch students' phones. Implementing the Safe Pouches is a game-changer to my classroom management. It's VERY EASY to use and VERSATILE to create game-changing classroom management practices to motivate students while solving the problem or cell phones in my class. My class average jumped from 65% to over 84% after implementing the Safe Pouches.

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Allow me to teach all my students equitably

Students come to us with varying skill levels. Some are exceptionally gifted. but more often my students come to me with several learning deficits. By being able to pinpoint which areas a student needs most growth in, I can then accommodate her needs. [StreamlineED.com] allows me to teach all my students equitably.

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Last year I created over 500 Biology questions for assessments

Last year I created over 500 Biology questions for assessments. This year I have added about 100 more questions, but most of the time is now dedicated to facilitating instruction and better honing my craft as an educator.

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