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  1. Schoolwide Consistency is Key
  2. Clear Policy and Communication
  3. Buy-in from teachers, students, and parents.
  4. Building a Shared Responsibility
  1. Data-Driven Decision Making
  2. Prevent Disruptions between Classes.
  3. Immediately reduce cyberbullying, school fights, cheating, and other challenging problems.

3 Effective 1:1 Implementation Strategies to Meet Your School Demographics

Most Positive and Effective In-School 1:1 Implementation (Do Not Depend on Teachers or Students)

Set Up and Organization: Number Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches and put them in 27-gallon storage bins. Number and provide each classroom with a Tier 1 magnet and a Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch.

Student Arrival: At the entrances, students pick up a Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouch from a bin, put their devices inside, and ask staff to lock them up. Optional Incentive: Students arriving on time earn a School Pouch Point stamp. They keep their devices in the locked pouches throughout the day.

Student Dismissal: Last-period teachers unlock Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches, collect them, and return them to the Main Office bins after school for next-day use. Those who can’t do it notify administrators beforehand so a campus supervisor can pick them up. Students with Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches need to wait in line and answer a Reflection Question after school at the Main Office to unlock them.

Disclaimer: The organizations listed do not include all districts and schools using Safe Pouch, and it does not imply any form of endorsement or support for our services or products.

Serving School(s) at AZUSA USD, Detroit PSCD, LAUSD, MVUSD, Selma USD, & Many More.

Safe Pouch Schools: Gladstone MS (~1,400), Selma HS (~1,750), Moreno Valley HS (2,300), Valley View HS (~2,900), Edward Roybal Learning Center (~829), Bayside Community Day School (~103), and Many More.

Disclaimer: The organizations listed as clients do not imply any form of endorsement or support for our services or products. Win Elements LLC provides product details for convenience only and makes no warranties regarding accuracy or completeness. Safety features are limited by a user’s devices’ functions and users’ abilities. Prices are subject to change without notice.