Why Banning Phones in Schools is So Challenging.

Most districts or states have policies to ban phones in schools, but enforcing them seem impossible.

Why do we prioritize quick communications, phone access, and other accommodations?

How Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch Enforce Phone-Free Schools While Allowing Communications, Phone Access, and Accommodations.

  1. All pouches have three holes for access and control, allowing for voice commands to make or answer calls and adjust volume.
  2. Every classroom is equipped with a Tier 1 Magnet to “unlock” any Tier 1 Blue Pouch in seconds.
  3. Only a few students who violate school rules will have their phones confiscated or locked in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches.
  4. In an emergency, students may use scissors to cut the thread on the side of the Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch or Blue Safe Pouches to remove their devices. (We will repair them for you.)

There are two effective and ready-to implement options.

1:1 Implementation (High-Initial Investment: Proactive, Consistent & Positive)

Step 1: Number and check out a Blue Safe Pouch to students, so they are now responsible for it and bring to and from school daily. 

Step 2: DAILY Enforcement Varations:

Schoolwide & Classroom Pouch Points: As students enter the main entrance, they ask a staff member or volunteer to “lock up” their phones, and the students receive a “Pouch Points” stamp. Students also earn Pouch Points from their teachers in participating classes.

First Period Teachers: As students enter their first class, their teacher lock up students’ phones and give students a “Pouch Point” stamp. Likewise, students use the points at student store.

Tier 2 and 3 Interventions:

If any student is caught with their device out in school, it will either be confiscated or locked in a Tier 2 Orange Pouch. They may also lose up to 15 earned Pouch Points. Parents are required to pick up any confiscated phones or devices.

Schoolwide: Pilot at a school to observe using the implementation option above.

Within a School: Select the at-risk group of students or grade level. Then, you can expand to schoolwide at anytime.

Class-Set Implementation ( Low Initial Investment: Reactive & Inconsistent)

Step 1: Assign each classroom 10 Blue Safe Pouches and 1 Magnet.

Step 2: Daily Enforcement Variations

Alternative to Confiscation: Instead of confiscating students’ phones or earbuds, teachers can easily lock up the device in a Blue Safe Pouch. The student keeps it with them until the teacher unlocks it after class. Without confiscation, students have no reason to be defiant and risk of Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches and other consequences.

Tier 2 or 3 Interventions for Defiant or Repeated Offenders:

Any student who destroys the Blue Safe Pouches, argues with teachers, or repeatedly ignores the school’s electronic device policy will be referred to administrators. Their devices will either be locked in the Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch or confiscated by administrators. These students must wait in line and complete a short reflection at the Main Office after school to unlock their pouches. Any confiscated device must be picked up by parents.

Purchase a few class set of Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches for a few teachers and Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches. Administrators support those teachers with Tier 2 pouches and other consequences.

Measure outcomes by getting feedback from those teachers after a few weeks.

NOW SERVING EST. 17,000 and growing

Disclaimer: The organizations listed does not include all districts and schools using Safe Pouch, and it does not imply any form of endorsement or support for our services or products.

Testimonials from Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students

Revolutionizing Learning: The Safe Pouch Effect!

Despite managing 36 freshmen across a 2-hour block with 7 periods, I've effectively employed Safe Pouch to cultivate a distraction-free learning environment. This tool has markedly decreased tardiness and provided significant support to at-risk student.

Amy 6+ Yr Chem & Bio Teacher

Ditch the Distractions: The Pouch Path to Success!

After reviewing my 1st Quarter Progress grades, I found a striking correlation: over 85% of students who regularly use the pouches for their phones pass my chemistry class with grades of C- or higher. In stark contrast, more than 85% of those who shun the pouches are lagging behind. Impressively, many students previously at risk are now adopting the pouch system, recognizing its benefits. While a few exceptions exist—students who succeed without using pouches—they too respect the classroom's no-phone rule. The result? Every day, my chemistry class benefits from an undistracted, focused learning atmosphere

John 14+ Yr. Chem Teacher

Pouch Points: The Silent Game-Changer in Classroom Dynamics

Together with my fellow science teachers, we've implemented the Pouch Points system, motivating students to safely secure their phones daily. In exchange, they earn points, redeemable for valuable rewards like Late Passes, Homework Passes, and more. This strategy has revolutionized my classroom dynamics. For those students teetering on the edge of failure, the Safe Pouch emerges as a beacon of positive intervention, spurring them into active engagement. Consequently, I've witnessed a surge in attendance at Saturday and after-school sessions as students strive to elevate their grades.

Arthur 8+ Yrs Chemistry Teacher

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