Patented Technology Safely and Proactively Enforcing Phone-Free Policies

The Detrimental Impact of Unregulated Phone Use in Schools


  • Low High-State Test Scores
  • Learning Distractions
  • Cheating with AI
  • Mass Cheating
  • Restroom Breaks Abuse


  • Cyberbullying/Bullying
  • School Fights
  • Promote and Record Fights
  • Social Media Challenges

Lifelong Consequences

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Very low Social Skills
  • Scars from Bullying/Cyberbullying
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
High School Teachers
Middle School Assistant Principal

List of Districts with one or more schools using our Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch®.

  • ABC Unified School District
  • Azusa Unified School District
  • Detroit Public Schools Community District
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Moreno Valley Unified School District
  • Selma Unified School District
  • and more…

No Installation and Training Fees

As Low as $1.25 per Pouch

The Pouches last for many years with low-cost repair services

As Low as $1.25 per Pouch

Ms. Silvestrini’s Piloted in Her High School Math Class

“My principal was very supportive of the no phone policy in my classroom and he purchased a class set for my classroom. Since I have implemented the pouches, I have seen a difference in my students’ grades. They are more focused and they are actually paying attention in class. My students know that once they get 80% or better or their assignment, then I will unlock their phones. It gives them a reason to work hard for their phones. Their grades have improved tremendously. I wish that I would have had these phone pouches a long time ago.”

Ms. Silvestrini (HS Math Teacher, 2024)

3 Reasons Why Schools Do Not Maximize Their Impact

Organization, Distribution, and Maintenance: 

Option 1: Number and store Tier 1 Pouches in 27-gallon bins. Students can buy their own pouches.

Should schools check out a Blue Safe Pouch for all students to take care of and bring to school daily? If you have a demographic where most students will bring their pouches and parents will pay for repair or replacement. (Benefits: Teachers and campus supervisors are not required to collect the pouches daily. However, schools need to purchase an additional Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch for students who damage or lose their pouches to borrow until they have paid for repair or replacement. These students must wait in line at the Main Office to unlock the Orange Safe Pouch using a much more specialized and larger magnet)

Encourage parents to purchase pouches for their children so students don’t have to share pouches. They can personalize them and use them for many years.


ARRIVAL:  Upon entering the school, students TURN OFF their phones, show them to a staff member, and lock them up along with their earbuds and smartwatches.

ALTERNATIVE (If there is extreme weather or there is a long line): Students pick up a pouch, turn off their phones, and lock it up themselves.

First-period teachers double-check their students’ pouches through the hole and refer any students who lost or damaged their pouches to the Main Office.

Proactive Daily Interventions: First-period teacher double their students using the hole.

  • “I don’t have a phone.” Students open their backpacks and pockets to let staff see. Students lock up earbuds, smartwatches, or other distracting items).
  • Students with documented medical needs or IEP: All staff have a magnet to unlock for them whenever those students request. Schools can give students a laminated card to let staff know to unlock it for students whenever they ask.
  • I forgot or damaged my pouch” (only when you check out all the pouches for students to take home and bring daily: Students turn in their student ID as collateral to borrow an Orange Safe Pouch. They return the pouch after school to get their IDs back.

Instant Enforcements: If a staff member catches any student with their devices out, they lock up the devices in a Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch. The staff member retains the students’ IDs and hands them to the Office. These students must wait in line at the Main Office and “answer a reflection question” to ask a staff member to unlock the pouch so they can retrieve their IDs.

DISMISSAL: After school, teachers unlock the pouches, collect the borrowed ones, and return them to the bins at the Main Office or nearby designated pick-up areas. They collect any damaged pouches, including students’ personal pouches, and report students who have lost or damaged school or loan pouches, charging parents for repairs ($5) and replacements ($15).

How do schools identify school pouches from student pouches?

All school pouches have a number.

By having a Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch in all classrooms and on every campus supervisor and administrator, all staff members can enforce immediate “positive consequences” to proactively prevent and reduce tardiness, cyberbullying, fights, bullying, defiance, and chronic absences.

The pouch is a positive choice of consequence compared to Saturday School, Detention, or Suspensions. However, it has a greater impact on improving students’ behavior.

Phone-Free and Enanced PBIS of Elementary School

Districts that start early in elementary schools help establish expectations and skills early on, mitigating problems in middle school and high school.

Implementation in Elementary School.

Organization and Maintenance: It’s much easier in elementary schools because the students have the same teachers for the entire day. Number and give your teachers a class set of Blue Safe Pouches, 1 Magnet, and 1 Orange Safe Pouch.

ARRIVAL: The teacher locks up students’ phones in students’ ASSIGNED pouches, and students keep the pouch in the backpack.

Common Challenges:

“I don’t have a phone”: Students have their parents fill out an Agreement Form. If parents have not done it yet, students only need to open up their backpacks and pockets to show the teachers. Students lock up earbuds, toys, or other distracting items.

DISMISSAL: After school, teachers unlock the pouches and collect them for tomorrow’s use. Teachers also collect and report any damaged pouches and report students who lost or damaged their pouches to charge parents.

By having a Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch in all classrooms and on every campus supervisor and administrator, all staff members can enforce immediate “positive consequences” to proactively prevent and reduce student arguments, cyberbullying, fights, bullying, defiance, and other disruptions.

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