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Our patented Safe Pouch®  Help educators make schools phone-free, safer, and more equitable easily.


After 10 years of teaching and being co-chair at a Title I high school in one of the largest districts in California, I have witnessed the many negative consequences of cell phones on students’ learning and well-being. However, it did not hit me until I watched a video of a middle school student getting punched multiple times by multiple students in front of a classroom. I later learned that the particular student passed away.  The school was just a few blocks from my high school. As a high school chemistry teacher, I used to view students using cell phones in classes as a distraction problem. After the incident, I researched more about the impacts of cell phones on children’s health and learning. 

After reading many academic research and online articles, I learned that academic distraction is only a minor problem due to the impacts of cellphones and social media. Of course, the technology has many positive impacts as well. However, mis-use of cell phones and social media is the most underestimated problem in education and children’s overall development. It exacerbates social inequity and cyberbullying, and it ruins students’ life physically and mentally. It also destroys family and relationships.

My research and experience in the classroom helped me to invent the Safe Pouch as a non-electronic device to empower today’s teachers, administrators, and parents to create a phone-free and safe learning setting and family times. In the process, Safe Pouch transforms schools’ cultures and learning while building positive family relationships at home. 

We use Safe Pouch to lock students’ phones inside while allowing students to charge their phones, answer calls, or make calls using voice commands. Also, school staff can unlock students’ phones quickly and easily, which is critical in any emergency.

“59% of U.S. teens have experienced cyberbullying”—PEW research center

Negative Impacts of Cellphones on children

“Teens spend more than 7 hours on screens for entertainment a day…the amount of screen time does not include school work” (ABC News)

Less screen time linked to better memory, learning in kids” (Science News for Kids)

“MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers” (CNNHealth)

“A recent survey found that 50% of teenagers admitted being addicted to their mobile devices–Social media, screen time linked to depression in teens” (ABC News)

“Digital devices harm your relationship with your child” (Verywellfamily)

A recent “survey [shows] that teens reported spending at least nine hours a day on screens during the pandemic” (Huffpost)

blue safe pouch product


Difference between Blue and Orange Safe Pouch

Blue and orange Safe Pouch have different locking mechanisms. Blue Safe Pouch can be opened with a lightweight magnetic key, which is easier for teachers to carry around to unlock any Blue Safe Pouch easily and quickly.

The orange Safe Pouch consists of industrial and specialized locks that require a heavy-duty and specialized magnetic key to unlock. The specialized locking mechanism allows implementation of MTSS Tier 2 intervention/consequence by locking students’ phones in the Orange Safe Pouch for the entire school day. Orange Safe pouch is an effective alternatives before giving students class suspension or a combination with class suspension.


Option 1: Individual teacher can purchase an affordable Blue Safe Pouch® bundle to create phone-free classrooms and increase students’ learning outcomes without schoolwide implementation. Click HERE to see our effective cell-phone rules and expectations

Option 2: Schoolwide implementation

MTSS Tier 1: A school purchases and numbers Blue Safe Pouch to assign 3-5 pouch and one magnetic key  per teacher. Teachers who teacher lower levels students may require more pouches. Click HERE to see our effective cell-phone rules and expectations

MTSS Tier 2: A school also purchases and numbers orange Safe Pouch to assign 15 – 20 pouch per administrator. School also assign 2-3 pouch per campus supervisor. When teachers refer students to administrators for medium violations, administrators lock students’ phones in the Orange. The students need to wait in line and fill out a Reflection Form after school to unlock the pouch. Orange Safe Pouch save school money by increasing ADA and increase students’ learning outcomes by not removing students from classrooms. At the same time, most teachers are satisfy because students are held accountable for their actions, which give us a win-win-win situation for all parties.

Read Complete Analysis on How Safe Pouch Solve School’s Most Challenging Problems.

Top 10  benefits of using safe pouch®

Our patented Safe Pouch® redefine your school disciplines, classroom managements, and MTSS/PBIS.

  1. Stop cyberbullying in your school
  2. Drastically reduce tardy
  3. Eliminate cell phone distractions
  4. Reduce schools fights & drug usages
  5. Increase school’s enrollments
  6. Reduce classroom disciplines and disruptions
  7. Support parents at home
  8. Reduce suspensions while enforcing accountability
  9.  Reduce Ds and Fs in all classes
  10. Increase Standardized Tests’ Scores

what is the cost?

Affordable, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly






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What is the cost of not using Safe Pouch® at your school?

Due to cell phone-related problems, learning loss increases D’s and F’s among all students, especially at-risk students. They also have many long-term consequences. An additional full-time teacher costs an average of $100,000 per year. Conferences, consultants, and PD training cost a school $10,000 yearly. Each summer school or credit recovery teacher costs about $4,500, and 10 teachers per year would cost $45,000 annually. However, some students improve their grades, but they rarely learn the lost essential academic skills and knowledge. Over time, these students continue to struggle in schools, and this is evident in math classes in middle and high schools. Safe Pouch your school a lot of money, but it effectively reduces learning loss among all students, especially for high-risk students.

Most importantly, do NOT WAIT  for another student getting hurt at your school to take actions?



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Optional low-cost extended warranty or low-cost repair services. Teachers or schools may combine shipping to reduce shipping costs.

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