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Welcome, Objectives, and Introduction to School Leadership Course

The course is designed to equip school administrators with practical knowledge and skills to improve student culture and learning outcomes in their schools. Participants will learn how to create a positive and inclusive learning environment, establish effective communication channels, and implement evidence-based teaching and learning strategies. The course will also cover the use of data-driven decision-making and the creation of a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Understand the importance of a positive and inclusive learning environment for student culture and learning outcomes.
  • Develop effective communication strategies to engage students, teachers, and parents.
  • Implement evidence-based teaching and learning strategies to improve student outcomes.
  • Use data-driven decision-making to assess student progress and make informed decisions about instruction.
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement to drive ongoing progress and development.

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Win Elements
Win Elements

I have more than a decade of teaching experience and school leadership at a high school. I co-founded Win Elements LLC to provide two practical tools to solve many school problems and transform the school culture of learning.
First,, and LMS website, is 100% tailored to meet the specific needs of classroom teachers and students.
Second, I invented Multi-tiered Safe Pouch to stop phone distractions, reduce tardiness, stop bullying, and support struggling students while prioritizing students’ safety and needs.

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