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How Safe Pouch teach students Social Emotional Learning Skills.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has become an essential aspect of education, as it helps students develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and social skills necessary for success in academics and beyond. Educators are well-trained on the importance of SEL, and many have implemented various programs and techniques to help their students develop these critical skills. However, explaining the basics of SEL may not be necessary for many educators who are already familiar with it. Instead, this article will focus on how Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch empowers teachers and administrators to teach students SEL skills efficiently, effectively, and with ease, saving valuable teacher time and resources.

How Safe Pouch Works.

A Safe Pouch is a US Patented pouch that lets teachers lock up students’ phone and other accessories while allowing students to access and control their phone via access holes and openings. The two tiers, Blue and Orange, use different magnetic strengths to release the pin of the dividing mechanism in seconds. All teachers have a small magnet to release the pin of any Blue Safe Pouch, but the students with Orange Safe Pouch need to wait until after school to release the pin because a school only purchases one large magnet.

Schools use Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch to use students’ phones and phone addiction as motivators to enforce a phone-free learning settings and solve many other challenging problems (first period tardy, tardy, cyberbullying, bullying, vandalisim, high failure rates.

We showed our solutions to 100s educators and partents at CUE and CABE in 2023. Here are the results:

23 CUE conference results
How Safe Pouch teach students Social Emotional Learning Skills. 4
23 CABE conference results
How Safe Pouch teach students Social Emotional Learning Skills. 5
Multi Tiered Safe Pouch Empower Educators to Transform Learning and School Cutlures 1
How Safe Pouch teach students Social Emotional Learning Skills. 6

Campus-wide Expectations: A Clear and Effective Solution to Ensure Consistency and Prevent Loopholes. By setting high expectations that apply to the entire campus rather than just individual classrooms, schools can prevent potential exploitation of loopholes and eliminate any arguments that may arise between staff or from students. For instance, if expectations are only enforced inside a classroom, students may attempt to use restroom breaks or passing periods as an opportunity to break the rules. Most imporantly, students think they are entitled to use their phones at the beginning of class or passing periods, and many would demand teachers to unlock their pouch before class ends. While achieving 100% compliance can be challenging, the most crucial aspect is to establish a clear set of expectations and consequences that every staff member can enforce easily. This approach ensures that all students and staff are aware of the expectations and enables a consistent implementation of the policies throughout the campus

Daily Tasks and Expectations for School Administrators and Campus Supervisors:

  1. Carry 2-3 Orange Safe Pouches and Post-it Forms: Administrators must have these tools readily available to address phone misuse during class time.
  2. Observe and enforce phone policy: When encountering students using their phones during class time or wandering around, administrators should first politely ask them to put their devices away. If students refuse or ignore the request, administrators can lock the phones in an Orange Safe Pouch.
  3. Monitor common areas: Administrators should regularly patrol campus common areas, ensuring that phone and earbud policies are enforced during class time.
  4. Collaborate with teachers: Administrators should maintain open communication with teachers to ensure consistent enforcement of phone policies across campus.

Daily Tasks and Expectations for Classroom Teachers:

  1. Greet students at the door: As students enter the classroom, teachers should greet them and visually scan for any phone use or earbuds.
  2. Utilize the Blue Safe Pouch: Teachers should hold a Blue Safe Pouch in one hand while greeting students. If any student is using their phone or wearing earbuds, the teacher can quickly lock the device in the Blue Safe Pouch and unlock it after class.
  3. Enforce phone policy: If students refuse to comply, teachers have the authority to lock the phone in an Orange Safe Pouch or confiscate it for the rest of the day.
  4. Set clear expectations: Teachers should communicate the phone policy to students at the beginning of the school year and periodically remind them of the rules.
  5. Model appropriate phone usage: Teachers should demonstrate responsible phone use during class time to set a positive example for students.

By consistently enforcing phone policies and working together, administrators and teachers can create a focused learning environment that minimizes distractions and fosters student success.

How does Safe Pouch help school teach students Socical Emotional Learning skills daily.

The use of Safe Pouches in schools requires students to self-regulate and make important decisions about their behavior by refraining from using their phones during school hours. If they are caught using their phones, they are required to accept the positive consequences, which can help them learn from their actions and improve over time.

By teaching students to make responsible decisions about their behavior, they are developing important self-management skills. They are learning to recognize the impact of their actions on their own learning and the learning of others around them. This can foster self-awareness and a greater sense of accountability.

While it may take some time for students to adjust to the use of Safe Pouches and the associated consequences, over time, they can develop more positive habits and behaviors. With practice, they can learn to be more present and engaged in the classroom, which can lead to improved academic performance and greater success in school.

Overall, the use of safe pouches can encourage students to make responsible decisions about their behavior and promote positive self-management skills. As students learn from their experiences and improve their habits over time, they can develop important social and emotional learning skills that can benefit them throughout their lives

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Win Elements

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