Unify Education

We are current chemistry teachers, and we often teach at different schools and districts. Different districts and schools have different technologies, and it is impossible for three of us to collaborate and share resources and activities.

As new teachers, we used to change schools or districts, and we have to relearn and re-create our online activities all over again. All of our resources and activities are connected to our previous district and school’s licenses.

We co-founded Win Elements LLC to break that boundary to streamline how we collaborate with each other and also break the endless cycle of re-creating our activities and resources.

Sleedu is short for Streamline Education. To Sleedu is to streamline any education process to provide learning equity for all students.

As current teachers, we prioritize teachers’ needs above everything else because we know teachers are the foundation of excellent learning and successful students.

Services from Win Elements LLC give teachers full ownership and control over the course of their teaching careers. Teachers from different schools or districts can collaborate and share activities and resources. Most importantly, they can continue to own their work even they move to different schools or districts.

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