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Win Elements Comprehensive Solution

To provide authentic equitable learning for all students, we have to examine the underlining problems and structures in schools.

The success of our students’ learning depends on three core components:

  1. Safe, Equitable, and Phone-FREE Learning Settings
  2. Equitable Support for All Staff
  3. Equitable Instruction and Supports

Safe, Equitable, and Phone-FREE Learning Settings

Current Challenges:

The current school and class settings and expectations have loopholes that encourage students to opt-out of learning opportunities and force classroom teachers to give in. Mainly, the loopholes are exacerbated due to the addictions and misuse of cellphones in schools.

To illustrate, students would be on their phones instead of participating in the learning activities. Students would play video games, watch videos, listen to music, or engage in social media. Even though students are accountable for the learning activities, many students would sacrifice the learning opportunities for entertainment. Of course, it would be a bad choice, but many students would not care until it is grading. However, it is too late for many of those to make up the missing works.

More importantly, many teachers are tire of reminding or arguing with the same students due to cell phone problems. Likewise, many administrators are also tired of seeing the same students referred to them due to cell phone problems, especially from the same teachers.

More significantly, students’ misusage of cell phones and social media cause many discipline problems, and cyberbullying unsafe for all students at your schools. How many are school fights at your schools related to social media?

Overall, the lack of practical and easy cell phone policies schoolwide negatively affects your school’s overall high expectations and learning culture. More importantly, it shifts the responsibility of enforcing to teachers, but school administrators cannot really provide practical long-term support. In the end, the underlining remains unsolved every new school year or worsens over time. For many teachers, it will be a “Just a dog and pony-show” policy.

Solution: Create a Safe and Equitable Schools and Learning Settings

Win Elements Provide Empower all Staff with the Patented Safe Pouch to make your phone-free school and use it as a proactive and positive behavioral intervention tool. Learn our Step-by-Step Implementation Here.

How-to step-by-step:

MTSS TIER 1 (Phone-Free Culture with Blue Safe Pouch®)

Step 1: Staffs number each Blue Safe Pouch ® to give each student a Blue Safe Pouch ® that students will keep and use during their years at your school. Students return the pouch at the end of each year, and they get it back at the beginning of a new school year.

COVID: Because of COVID, we want to make each student has his or her own Safe Pouch ®. It like each student has their own Chromebook.  Safe Pouch ® is WASHABLE.

  1. Because students know they will have the same Blue Safe Pouch ® during their time at your school, they will value it and encourage to use it. 
  2. Parents can buy our Regular Lock to implement Safe Pouch ® at home too. Students at home already have the pouch. This allows parents to use Safe Pouch® as a parenting tool at home, so it is an effective way for schools to provide measurable community support.

Step 2: Daily Routines

At the beginning of the first period of the day, teachers enforce that all students put their phones in their pouches. At the end of the last period, those teachers unlock students Blue Safe Pouch ®

  1. This simple procedure locks all students’ phones at the beginning of each school day. Because it is in class, the teachers can make sure all students put their real phones inside and enforce Tier 2 intervention for any students who refuse to do it or forgot their Blue Safe Pouch at home. Students who forgot their pouches will use an Orange Safe Pouch. Defiant students are sent to administrators to get their phone lock in the Safe Pouch ® and other consequences. Those students who carry the Orange Safe Pouch ® with them will send a powerful message to other students throughout the entire school day.
  2. It prevents students from putting their fake phones inside the pouch.
  3. Most importantly, teachers will never have to deal with cellphone problems for the rest of the school day.

MTSS TIER 2 (Redefine School’s Discipline and Transform School’s culture with PBIS and Orange Safe Pouch®)

Think Outside the Box: Many schools’ disciplinary consequences and procedures limit their administrators to disciplinary tools (e.g., class suspension, school suspension, parent-call, or detention) that often remove students from the learning opportunities. More important, they are not immediate and have little impact on targeted students, who care little about grades. Some may not care about their parent’s involvement. Furthermore, these consequences stigmatize students with negative labels while increasing your school’s overall number of suspensions.

Fortunately, the majority of these students are addicted to their cellphone and social media.

We invented the Orange Safe Pouch® with the Power Lock to empower all administrators with a powerful and positive disciplinary tool that is easy, positive, immediate, and impactful.

Students who have Orange Safe Pouch need to wait in line and write a reflection to unlock their orange Safe Pouch at your school’s Main Office.

Equitable Support for All Staff

This may seem to be simple problems, but we think it is the most challenging and costly problem for many schools. Each year, schools and districts spent hundreds of thousands on Professional Developments, conferences, and other supporting programs. However, it is almost impossible to measure or produce long-lasting outcomes. The same unmotivated teachers remain unmotivated, and the motivated teachers become unmotivated over time. We saw passionate new educators become bitter and exhausted after a few years. Worst, long-time teachers completely give up on learning or trying anything new.

When there is a combination of little individual teacher accountability and meaningful support, your schools will become hostile places to work for both teachers and school administrators. Altogether, it creates an unproductive learning experience for all students.

As current educators, we believe the key to solving this problem is having transparency and streamlining support and collaboration.


Win Elements provide a FREE and Easy solution to digitize your school to create transparency and streamline collaboration and support for all staff.

Learn More in the video below:

Equitable Instructions and Supports

Current challenges

After many months of technology overload and frustration, many educators are in shutdown mode. This learning fatigue will have long-term impacts on providing students equitable learning, and we have to change how we empower and train teachers. Therefore, the first step is to help teachers to learn new teaching strategies and technologies easily.

Another important of the solution is having a comprehensive Learning Management System website that allow teachers to integrate different technologies to redefine their instruction to be teacher-centered.


As current classroom teachers, we have to experiment with different Learning Management systems and instructional strategies to support our students’ diverse needs. However, we could not find a Learning Management System website that allows teachers from different schools to collaborate. All the Learning Management systems we have tested in our past classes are either limited to one particular district or free with many limitations.

In the end, we have to create our Learning Management System website using today’s robust and powerful Open-sources. The large community of open-source technologies allows integrating critical features that are essential to our daily teaching tasks. Sleedu is short for “Streamline (SLE) Education (EDU).”

Our FREE Learning Management System Solutions (Limited Space Available, without sacrificing critical features)

Our financial resources may limit our services, but our FREE Essential will include 80-90% of critical features that most teachers need to implement a modern Blended Learning Classroom. We support the mission of our teaching salaries and support from Premium members. When we have more Premium members, we will be able to provide FREE essential services for teachers.

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