Cell Phones and Social Media Streamline Cyberbullying into Reality.

“59% of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online”PEW Research

Cyberbullying is only one of many symptoms of misusing cell phones and social media.

Cell phones create new problems

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Shortness of temper
  • Addiction to Cell Phones
  • Withdrawal when cell phones are taken away:
  • Withdrawal when cell phones are taken away: Anger, Restlessness, Tension, Depression, Irritability, Anxiety
  • Physical effects: eye strains, neck problems,
  • Teens develop tics or Tourette-like syndromes

Cell phones worsen existing problems

  • Increase classroom management problems
  • Increase students, especially underserved students, failing in all classes.
  • Widen achievement gaps
  • Low CAASPP Scores
  • Increase School fights
  • Increase class disruptions due to defiance.
  • Conflict with parents due to failing students off-task.
  • Increase referrals to administrators

Cell Phone Addiction Ruins Children’s Lives and Learning

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Cyberbullying make schools unsafe for all students.

PBIS and MTSS without practical implementations to empower teachers, administrators, staff, and parents to improve students’ behaviors immediately cause more problems and waste money. GiftedGuru.com | Reddit. | Proteacher.net |

Why Cyberbullying Get Worse Everyday in Schools?

Why current school discipline procedures and consequences need to redefine ?

Because of PBIS, current discipline procedures and consequences are slow and low-impacts. Class suspensions become mini vacations for some students. There are no high-impact consequences that affect students’ behaviors, especially at-risk students.GiftedGuru.com | Reddit. | Proteacher.net |

Teachers, Administrators, Parents use Safe Pouch to lock up students’ phones to stop cyberbullying and improve students’ behaviors. Parents have been using the same strategies at home, and it is working. Why don’t we use it at schools too.

How does Safe Pouch Redefine PBIS and MTSS of school discipline procedure and consequences?

Safe Pouch Streamline and Redefine Schools’ Discipline and PBIS INSTANTLY and EASILY.

Safe Pouch helps teachers and administrators to simplify and streamline discipline procedures and consequences proactively and positively.

Step-by-Step Implementation

1. Assign each teacher 7-12 Blue Safe Pouch and Key.

2. Assign administrators and campus supervisors 7-12 Orange Safe Pouches.

3. Mount the Orange Safe Pouch’s Key at the Main Office.

Each person is responsible for their assigned Safe Pouches so they take good care of them. Your one-time purchase will last for many years.

You can start with one or more teachers. You can also with a few Orange Pouch too. Feel FREE to Test It First with our 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed!


Tier 1: When a student uses a phone during class, a teacher hands the student a Blue Safe Pouch to lock it up for the remainder of the class, or refer to Administrators to lock in Orange Safe Pouch. Tier 2: Require any students who are in danger of failing to lock up their phones for the entire period daily until their grades are above 70%, or the teacher will message students’ parents about the students’ grades.

Tier 3: Note: Administrators can use the solution below for other minor discipline problems such as tardy, defiant, or class disruptions. Administrators follow the steps below:

  1. Lock the student’s phone in an Orange Safe Pouch.
  2. Take the students’ ID and exchange with a Lunch Pass.
  3. Give the ID to Main Desk’s staff, who will give it back to student when they unlock it after school.

Underserved Students: For difficult classes, give a teacher more pouches to reward extra credit to any students who lock up their phones at the beginning of classes.

Detailed Step-by-by Implemation and Analysis of How Safe Pouches Solve 10 Most Challenging Problems in Schools


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