How Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch Ban Phones in Schools Without Sacrificing Safety, Connectivity, and Technology Integration

See how Multi-tiered Safe Pouch helps school ban phones schoolwide without sacrificing safety, connnectivity, and technology integration.

“There is growing evidence that unrestricted use of smartphones by pupils at elementary and secondary schools during the schooldays interferes with the educational mission of the schools, lowers pupil performance, particularly among low-achieving pupils, promotes cyberbullying, and contributes to an increase in teenage anxiety, depression, and suicide.”  (California Legislatures in Assembly Bill 272)

There have been laws and policies to ban phones in schools for years, but frontline teachers and administrators do not have practical tools and solutions to enforce them. Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch® is the tool.

How Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch Enforce Phone-Free Schools While Allowing Communications, Phone Access, and Accommodations.

  1. All pouches have three holes for access and control, allowing voice commands to make or answer calls and adjust the volume.
  2. Every classroom has a Tier 1 Magnet to “unlock” any Tier 1 Blue Pouch in seconds.
  3. Only a few students who violate school rules will have their phones confiscated or locked in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches.
  4. In an emergency, students may use scissors to cut the thread on the side of the Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch to remove their devices. (We will repair them for you.)
ban phone in school with Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch

Step 0: Number in large font and Give all teachers, except those without 1st period, Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches based on their first-period class size. Also, give all teachers two Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches.

Daily Enforcement in 2 Easy Steps for Teachers.

Step 1: At the start of the first period, teachers lock students’ phones, smartwatches, and earbuds in a Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouch. Students without a phone or who have medical must provide documents to lock up other devices or items. If teachers need more pouches, teachers can get them from the Library. Students carry these pouches all day.

Step 2: After school, sixth-period teachers unlock and collect the pouches from students for tomorrow’s use. Teachers report any students who lost or damaged their pouches to fine those students’ parents and other interventions.


  • A teacher without a 6th period can pick up the bag of pouches from the nearby teacher without a 1st period in the morning.
  • Before school starts, a campus supervisor collects bags of pouches from teachers who don’t have 1st period and gives them to teachers who don’t have 6th period. Be Consistent with the same pair of teachers.

MTSS Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions

  • Before school starts, a campus supervisor collects bags of pouches from teachers who don’t have 1st period and gives them to teachers who don’t have 6th period. Be Consistent with the same pair of teachers.
  • Tier 2: Teachers or staff lock devices of rule-breakers in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches and hold their IDs to give to the Main Office. This way, students can return the pouches at the Main Office after school and get their IDs back.
  • Tier 3: Repeated rule-breakers will be referred to the administrator to confiscate students’ phones to be picked up by students’ parents after school.

Equitable & Effective PBIS and MTSS with Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch

Administrators use Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouches as positive and impactful alternatives to suspensions to correct minor infractions by locking up students’ phones as a choice of consequence. Minor infractions include First-period tardiness, tardiness, ditching classes, chronic absences, will-full defiance, class disruptions, watch fights, & etc. Administrators lock students’ phones for severe violations when students return from suspension. Examples of severe infractions are fights, cyberbullying, bullying, cheating, & etc.

When implemented intentionally, a school with 1000 students may recover up to $300,000 annually by increasing ADA by just 3%.

Please look at the full article for detailed implementations, evidence, quotes from educators:

Win Elements LLC is co-founded by educator John Nguyen, who has 14+ years of experience in a Title 1 high school. He invented Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch® to help schools create phone-free, equitable, and accountable learning experiences for all students. 

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