Our mission is to empower teaching equity to provide learning for all students with Blended teaching

As current teachers, we co-founded Win Elements LLC to provide teachers a common Learning Management Website to implement Blended Instruction and integrate your school’s available technologies and other online resources to centralize
communication, auto-grade activities,  assign assignments, gather/access data, auto-update comprehensive grades, create/assign interactive video activities,  collaborate via Forum, collect students’
feedback, and many other essential functions.


Interactive Video Lessons

Self-paced and non-skippable interactive video embedded with Fill-in-Flanks, Drag-and-Drop, Multiple Choice, Multiple Responses, Mark a Word, and True/False Questions that provide students instant feedback.

Adaptive and Instant Feedback

Engage students and save time with auto-graded activities with instant feedback. Grades are auto-updated on gradebook, including all students’ attempts and responses. Students can practice and re-attempt activities to build mastery and improve grades.

Interactive Online Discussion

Engage students and increase collaboration beyond classroom walls by grade students based on their participation. Teachers and students can star and subscribe and follow a discussion and reply online to engage meaningfully.


Flexible Organizations

Flexible organization of all activities and resources in your class allows students to find activities quickly, and a teacher can find and reuse activities for next year.


Streamline Announcements

Post latest announcements to all students quickly and easily, and students can interact with announcements. Engage and inform students at the same time.

Assignment with Rubrics

Streamline posting assignments and collecting students’ work to grade with a rubric and provide personalized feedback. Students can provide feedback on their grades.

“On average, 67% of educational software products go unused… In some districts, up to 90% of purchased software licenses are not being used.”–Edweek  Market Brief

Stories of how teachers engage students with bell-to-bell instruction

“warm-ups are graded instantly”

“Student [are] rushing to my class”…

“My warm-ups and assessments are graded instantly. It takes about 1 minute to grade each student’s warm-up. I have 120 students enrolled in Biology. Daily this feature saves me 2 hours worth of grading. Weekly, that is 10 hours of grading. Monthly, this is 40 hours. On grading warm-ups alone, I save at least 400 hours yearly. That is a lot of time that I can use towards my aspects of improving my instruction and curriculum.”

Mr. Ahmadi / 9th Bio. Teacher

“timed warm-up … shuts off automatically”

“Students are given a timed warm-up, which shuts off automatically after a certain time frame. This results in more students coming to class on time in order to complete it. I have also had situations where students are completing the warm-up on their phones before they get to class because they are tardy. So even though they are not in class on time they are participating in class remotely”

Ms. Lutes / Bio/Earth. Teacher

“Auto grading …assessments [produce] tables, forms, and graphs for both teacher and students.”

“grading feature for assessments and bell work–the material is graded and easy to ready tables, forms and graphs are produced for both teacher and students.”

Mr. Jeska / Anat.,Earth, Chair

Stories of how teachers streamline PLC with collaboration and students' data

“…data is graphed. Instantly we are provided with bell curves, averages, and means.”

“All of the data is graphed. Instantly we are provided with bell curves, averages, and means. Additionally, the amount of time per question is accounted for per student. This makes it easier to identify areas [of] students’ concern and growth with [our] colleagues.”

Mr. Ahmadi / 9th Bio. Teacher

“they are easy to locate for future use in the following years or to share with colleagues.” 

“After I have created materials and saved them–they are easy to locate for future use in the following years or to share with colleagues. This frees me up to continue to improve my knowledge of content areas and improve y teaching with the use of new teaching strategies”

Mr. Jeska / An

“Last year I created over 500 Biology questions for assessments”

“Last year I created over 500 Biology questions for assessments. This year I have added about 100 more questions, but most of the time is now dedicated to facilitating instruction and better honing my craft as an educator.”

Mr. Ahmadi / 9th Bio Teacher

Stories of how teachers implement blended learning to provide learning equity

“allow me to teach all my students equitably”

“Students come to us with varying skill levels. Some are exceptionally gifted. but more often my students come to me with several learning deficits. By being able to pinpoint which areas a student needs most growth in, I can then accommodate her needs. [StreamlineED.com] allows me to teach all my students equitably.”

Mr. Ahmadi / 9th Bio. Teacher

“Students work at their own pace…”

“Students work at their own pace and allow them to ask questions on tough material as others move forward. Also, it allows kids to all work on the same problem with a group facilitator who can employ their own leadership skills to help teach others the material”

Mr. Jeska / Anat,Earth, Chair

“This allows me to differentiate my instruction in real-time.”

“I am able to look at the scores of each student and determine how they are performing very quickly. This allows me to differentiate my instruction in real-time. Students are able to see their scores immediately which allows them to see they are doing in real-time and assess what they need to do to improve. 

Ms. Lutes / Bio/Earth Teacher

Stories of how teachers engage students through blended learning

“Self-paced interactive videos”

“I record my lecture and upload it to Youtube to create “self-paced interactive videos” embedded with questions that are auto-graded and provide instant-feedback. Students can not skip forward, but they can pause or rewind to learn the new content at their paces.”

Mr. Nguyen / Chem. & AP Chem/Co-founder

“Announcements are streamlined and interactive”

“Announcements are streamlined and interactive. I can quickly announce to all students, and the latest announcement will appear in the same location every time. I can add images, videos, links, and other media to make the message more meaningful and fun. My students can interact with the announcement if they have a question

Arthur Nguyen / Chemistry Teacher

“Collaboration and support are …beyond classroom’s walls”

“Collaboration and support are streamlined beyond my classroom’ walls. I have an online interactive discussion for students to ask questions, and students or I answer those questions to support all students. It is flexible because we can add text, images, videos, and other media to provide meaningful discussion.  My students can follow the discussion thread and get real-time notifications when there is a new update”

Amy Nguyen / Chemistry & Co-Founder