7.0: Create Assignment for WASC with Google Slide

Applications: Collect data and work from teachers for WASC could be a complex process. Our FREE solution will simplify and streamline the process for your WASC team and teachers. Integrated with the Gradebook, administrators can identify struggling teachers to provide support, and their teachers can make recommended changes at any time.

Part 1: Create an Assignment Activity for teachers to submit their Share Google Presentation of students’ work.

  1. On the Main Course page, on Turn editing on.
  2. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
  3. Select Assignment from Activities
  4. Enter a name (e.g. WASC Students’ Work ## – ##)
  5. Enter your instruction (You can include video, images, links of Google Presentation template, and other info to make it easier for your teachers). See the example below:
    1. Open this Google Presentation Template to make a copy of it.
    2. Edit your Google Presentation to enter students’ work
    3. Submit the Share link of your Google Presentation here. You can access it from here to update it in the future.
  6. Check the box to Display description on course page.
  7. Check and set dates and times Allow submissions from and Due date. Ignore the Cut-off date because we want teachers to make changes through the year.
  8. Under Submission types, only check Online text
  9. Under Grade,
    1. Enter 100 in Maximum grade
    2. Keep Simple direct grading,
    3. Select the correct Grade category, which is your current school year.
  10. Click Save and return to course.

We also help you further by creating a step-by-step video to guide your teachers to duplicate the Google Presentation, submit their Share link, and update the presentation as needed.

Need Help? Contact Us to Schedule Live-Zoom Training (It’s FREE if Your School Cannot Afford It–Your contribution helps us pay server fees. Thank You)

Click HERE to view and share it.

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