Split Payments Into Multiple Years (Safe Pouch Only)

As current teachers, we understand schools’ budget is allocated to different category annually. Different categories such as Title I fund have some restrictions.

To support all schools’ limited budget, we allow schools to split their payments into multiple years, so it would not affect their current year’s budget .

Does Safe Pouch Qualify for your Title I Funding?

“Generally, Title I, Part A funds shall be used to supplement, not supplant non-federal funds pursuant to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Section 1114(a)(3)(B).”

Below are measurable and actionable school improvement strategies to supplement core materials at your schools.

  1. Provide an impactful tool of intervention and support that will supplement your school’s MTSS implementation. Many school’s MTSS fail ed because schools do not have a practical tool to provide immediate intervention to redirect and engage students at Tier 1 and Tier 2.
  2. Provide an impactful tool of intervention and support that will supplement your school’s PBIS implementation.
  3. Create phone-free learning settings to support all teachers, especially core teachers, to deliver instruction equitably.
  4. Collaborate with all teachers and staff to implement a schoolwide and proactive intervention system to create a phone-free learning setting.
  5. Provide all staff and teachers with an impactful tool to create phone-free learning settings for all students.
  6. Provide teachers and staff intervention tools to re-engage struggling students positively.
  7. Provide essential classroom material for teachers to improve targeted students’ performance and engagement.
  8. Provide administrators a tool to provide Positive Behavioral Intervention System consequences to re-engage students.
  9. Provide teachers and all staff an impactful tool to teach students to reflect and learn from their mistakes.
  10. Provide teachers and all staff an intervention tool to develop a coherent schoolwide tardy policy to reduce tardy among targeted students.
  11. Increase parent’s involvement by allowing parents to use the Safe Pouch at home to support their children.
  12. Provide teachers and all staff the tool to create a phone-free and positive culture.

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