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Math Related Questions 

  1. Cloze Question: Complete Table
  2. Auto-grade, interactive, instant feedback, graphing questions
  3. Auto-grade, interactive, instant feedback, multi-versions, multi-digits addition, and subtraction.
  4. Auto-grade, interactive, instant feedback, auto-version math word problems
  5. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Multi-Parts Math Word Problems with Money
  6. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Auto Multi-Version Math Word Problems with Money
  7. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Auto Multi-Version Multi-Digits Subtractions Math Word Problems
  8. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Interactive Math Word Problems with Whole-Number Answers
  9. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Auto Multi-Version Equivalent Fractions Math Problems
  10. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Instant Feedback Convert Fractions to Decimal Math Problems
  11. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Instant Feedback Fill-In Math Problems
  12. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Instant Feedback Graph Coordinate Points Math Problems
  13. Auto-grade, Instant-feedback, Instant Feedback Fill-In Table True or False Math Problems
  14. Auto-grade, Instant-Feedback, Interactive Inequality Questions

Science Related Questions

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  1. Download a Question Folder and Create a Quiz
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