High Failure Rates in Math, Science, and English.

All students continue to underperform in Math, Science, and English classes. However, high-risk students have very high failure rates in those classes.

Increase in Cyberbullying, Bullying, Discipline Problems, School Fights and Suspensions.

Ineffective MTSS/PBIS does not improve students’ behaviors, but they often make it more difficult for classroom teachers and administrators to create a safer, more positive school cultures

Low High State Scores Among High-Risk Students

Schools spend countless money and resources on different programs, but there is a slight improvement in students’ high state test scores. Sometimes, students’ scores randomly decrease.

Toxic Staff Culture and Unproductive PLCs

School spend $10,000 on different teacher professional programs, training, conferences, and speakers; however, they do not positively change the school’s culture.