Safe Pouch Puts Students and School’s Safety First While Empowering ALL Stakeholders to Create and Enforce Effective Phone Policies That Respect Students’ Rights and Privacy.

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Safe Pouch Helps Educators To Redefine MTSS/PBIS and Transforms School Cultures

Eliminate cell phone distractions

Reduce Class Discipline Problems

Motivate and Re-engage All Students

Streamline MTSS/PBIS Interventions

Save Teachers/Administrators Time

Reduce Tardy Schoolwide

Reduce Ds and Fs in All Classes

Reduce In-School Fights

safe pouch dividing mechanism holes

Order any amount and implement schoolwide

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How is Safe Pouch different from competitors?

Safe Pouch’s competitors try to create phone-free schools by locking up ALL students’ phones for the entire school day when students are on a school’s campus. When students’ phones are locked up inside the competitor’s case, the case is completely sealed. Students cannot access and control their phones inside until administrators unlock the case after school with a specialized key. Then, students can remove their phones from the case as students exit the school. Therefore, administrators  are tasked with the daily responsibility of unlocking all cases using only the competitors’ proprietary key. 

As a teacher, I invented Safe Pouch NOT to create a phone-free school. I invented and implemented Safe Pouch based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development. Teachers and other staff use Safe Pouch® as MTSS/PBIS tool to teach students Social and Emotional Skills and to solve many school problems by creating a positive and proactive learning settings for all students. 

Most importantly, Safe Pouch has built-in safety features of an on-pouch hole and maximized two openings of the dividing mechanism to allow students to access and control their phones inside through the holes, such as when there is an emergency. Safe Pouch does NOT have or use a lock; instead, it uses an innovative dividing mechanism. Safe Pouch does NOT need any corresponding key, and it is keyless. Instead, it uses any strong-enough magnet to release its dividing mechanism in seconds, and anyone can purchase or use such a magnet.  Furthermore, schools can purchase as many magnets as needed for all staff in the school. 

Built-In Safety Features For Constant Access and Control

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains why cell phones and its many apps have become an essential tools and needs for students, teachers, or anyone. 

Common Schools’ Cell Policies and Other Expectations

We summarize schools’ cell phones policies and other expectations in non-teaching jargons to help you understand it easier.

Psychology Behind Safe Pouch: Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

Safe Pouch is invented to help teachers educate students to create a phone-free learning experiences  and to learn lifelong social and emotional skills using Skinner’s Operant Conditioning.

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (Cognitive Psychology)

By combining Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and Skinner’s Operant conditioning, we can teach students essential social and emotional skills that help them learn to control their phone usage in professional settings like in the classroom, meetings, work settings, and other settings. Over time, students learn to use cell phones as a tool rather than being addicted to them.

Put it all together to redefine Multi-tiered System of Support with Positive Behavioral Intervention System.

Multi-tiered Safe Pouch become the positive consequences that immediately affect students’ behaviors without having to remove students from their learning opportunities. 

Safe Pouch empowers classroom teachers like me to stop cell phone distractions, but I also use Safe Pouch to motivate all students to do well in my Chemistry classes. Safe Pouch helped redefine my classroom management when I took over my chemistry classes in October from a long-term substitute. Then, after a few weeks, I reduce the number of Ds and Fs. But most importantly, Safe Pouch helped me reduce many discipline problems often caused by cell phones. When I call parents, I use Safe Pouch as an invaluable tool to support and re-engage students. Safe Pouch allow me to have the power parenting in my class to improve students’ positive behaviors and stop negative behaviors.

Amy / Chemistry Teacher

Choice is key. I ask students to put their cell phones away in their backpack or pocket. If they choose not to do so then I ask them to choose between the safe pouch or the front office and a call home. The key is choice and allowing students to face consequences for poor choices without the need for punitive discipline.

Mrs. Perez / 9-12 ELD

After more than a decade in the classroom, I saw the same problems every school year. Cell phone-related problems get worse every school year, but school leaders ignore them. School leaders blame teachers for the problems instead of helping teachers solve them. After a boy died from bullying, I spent 100s hours and $1000s to invent Safe Pouch to empower classroom teachers like me to solve the problems. Waiting for school leaders to help us teachers solve the problems in our classes is a waste of time and effort. Safe Pouch helped other teachers and me solve the problems and redefine our teaching and classroom management. As a teacher, I invented Safe Pouch NOT to create phone-free schools or classrooms, but it is the teaching tool for teachers and administrators to teach students to Social and Emotional Skills and Solve School Problems while creating a proactive and proactive learning experiences for all students by pouching up only a FEW students who need multi-tiered interventions and supports.

John / Teacher & Inventor of Safe Pouch

The Safe Pouch removes the phone as a distraction and allows students to focus on their work. I require students that have a D or an F to automatically pouch up their phone. Since doing this, students have been working harder to complete their assignments and raise their grade in my class. I don’t have as many students failing my class.

Ms. Lutes / 9th Biology & Earth Science

Students are able to earn a small amount of extra credit if they [pouch] their phone in a Safe Pouch for the whole period. This helps their grade because they want the EC but then they focus more on assignments because they do not have the cell phone distraction. Students with less than 75% are required to place their phone in the pouch until their grade is above a 75%. Most of these students improve their grade because they want the option of accessing their phones. Reduces tardies because students who are late have to put the phone in the pouch.

Mr. Crane / 9th Biology Teacher

I have tried many different solutions to reduce cell phone distractions for the last five years. I spent a lot of money, time, and effort, but I had few positive results. It’s like a restart every school year for me. Safe Pouch changed all of that. I used Safe Pouch to enforce cell phone policies and expectations easily and quickly. Because students still have their phones, they don’t argue with me. At the same, the students do not want to get a parent call or referral to administrators. Safe Pouch is quick and non-disruptive, but it’s so effective. I also use Safe Pouch to give students extra credit and re-engage students failing chemistry classes.

Arthur / Chemistry Teacher

Use of the safe pouch allows students to proactively choose to “[pouch up]/ put-away” their phones and to give themselves an opportunity to be able to focus and be present to their learning. They intuitively know that phone use and screen time distracts them and impacts their focus on their coursework. Some students choose not to [pouch up] their phones and are directed by the teacher to do so if they are found to be on the phone without permission. Usually more work results as they have more focus to do what is asked of them. In this manner students can see the positive use of the pouch and generally, albeit slowly, they will willingly [pouch up] their phones. Parent contact can also help this realization to occur.

Mr. Jeska / Earth Science & Anatomy

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