safe pouch easy to use

Easy to Use

Tech-free and Hassle-Free tool that any teacher, student, and parents can use in any classes, grade levels, or at home

safe pouch equitable discipline

Redefine Equitable Discipline

Innovative disciplinary that empower all staff to re-engage students proactively, positively, & immediately .

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Eco-friendly design with low-cost repair to maintain Safe Pouch that last for many years and save money and environment.

Invented by a public school teacher to empower teachers, staff, and parents

John Nguyen, a public school chemistry teacher, invented Safe Pouch ® as a tool to empower him and his fellow colleagues to proactively and positively eliminate cellphones distraction and incentivize students to improve their behaviors and grades.


Estimated Impacted Students


Empowered Teachers


Impacted Schools

Empower Teachers, Admins, Staff, & Parents

Funded by current teachers, we use our own to empower our fellow teachers and impact 1000s students. Together, our mission is to empower teachers, administrators, supporting staff, and parents to solve the most toxic technology problems in our schools and at home.

Top 10  benefits of using safe pouch®

  1. Eliminate cell phone without confiscating
  2. Re-engage all students
  3. Increase students’ work completion
  4. Reduce classroom disruptions
  5. Improve classroom management
  6. Reduce Ds and Fs
  7. Incentivize students and enforce accountability
  8. Teach students SEL competency skills
  9. Reduce cyberbullying 
  10. Increase students’ learning and success.

What is the cost of not using Safe Pouch® at your school?

Due to cell phone-related problems, learning loss increases D’s and F’s among all students, especially at-risk students. They also have many long-term consequences. An additional full-time teacher costs an average of $100,000 per year. Conferences, consultants, and PD training cost a school $10,000 yearly. Each summer school or credit recovery teacher costs about $4,500, and 10 teachers per year would cost $45,000 annually. However, some students improve their grades, but they rarely learn the lost essential academic skills and knowledge. Over time, these students continue to struggle in schools, and this is evident in math classes in middle and high schools. Safe Pouch your school a lot of money, but it effectively reduces learning loss among all students, especially for high-risk students.

Most importantly, do NOT WAIT  for another student getting hurt at your school to take actions?




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Safe Pouch® not only helped eliminate cellphone problems, but I used Safe Pouch to incentivize students to take ownership of their learning by proactively lock their phones before classes for extra credit points. No more reminding the same students to put their phones away. “Pouch it Up or Parent Call. and put it away.” There is no confrontation, and I teach my students to make decision and practice SEL competency skills. Before Safe Pouch, more than half of my classes are failing. After just three weeks with Safe Pouch, that number is now only a few Ds and Fs

John Nguyen / CEO, Inventor of Safe Pouch, and Chemistry Teacher

I took over chemistry classes in late September after long-term substitutes, with all
class sizes of about 33-36 students per class. There were not seating charts, and most students are on their phones. Safe Pouch ® helped me eliminate cell phones problems and re-engage students and establish high-expectation in less than a week. In less than a months, other teachers comment my students behave like honor or AP students.

Amy Nguyen / Chemistry Teacher

My 10th grader chemistry students coming back from 1.5 years of Distance Learning are addicted to cellphones and have many behavioral problems. It’s like they forgot to be students. My students are always on their phones. Safe Pouch® save me the frustration of dealing all problems related to cell phones. Enforcing school cell phone policy is impossible without Safe Pouch. After a few weeks and some parent calls, 95% of students are off their phones and now participate and complete their assignments EVERYDAY.

Arthur Nguyen / Chemistry Teacher

How does Safe Pouch support your LEA’s plan to provide supplemental instruction and support.

Your district’s MTSS and PBIS implementation plan are impractical if it is missing the specific and practical tools and strategies that empower all staff and parents to make immediate impacts. 

Many teachers already exhausted all of their tricks to support today’s challenging students, but their effort has little impacts on students’ behaviors. Safe Pouch is an easy and out-of-box solution invented by a public high school science teacher after ten years working at a Title I  high school.

Safe Pouch empowers all staff and parents to work together to support all students in all three tiers of MTSS to create a positive, structured, phone-free learning settings that enhance instruction and