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Easy Phone-FREE Solutions
Chemistry Teachers
Easy Phone-FREE Solutions

Safe Pouches completely transform by classroom management, especially creating a phone-free learning environment in my class. My high-risk students learned not to have their phones anymore. NO MORE TELLING THE SAME KIDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I just give them a Safe Pouch, and my students know exactly what to do and the benefits and consequences.

Arthur Nguyen
Chemistry Teacher
Empower At-Risk Students

The main reason why many students failed Chemistry is their compulsive addictions to their phones. It is the same battle against the same students. Each year, some new guidelines and policies make it hopeless for teachers like me to do anything. We cannot confiscate or touch students' phones. Implementing the Safe Pouches is a game-changer to my classroom management. It's VERY EASY to use and VERSATILE to create game-changing classroom management practices to motivate students while solving the problem or cell phones in my class. My class average jumped from 65% to over 84% after implementing the Safe Pouches.