Products are Exclusively for Parents

Exclusively for Parents

Parent Exclusive Pouches and Converters

Safe Pouches & Converter Set (Exclusively for Parents)

$90.00 $45.00
Exclusively for Parents

Parent Exclusive Pouches and Converters

Additional Blue Safe Pouches (Exclusively for Parents)

$25.00 $20.00
Exclusively for Parents

Parent Exclusive Pouches and Converters

Additional Converter (Exclusively for Parents)

$39.00 $30.00

Children are addicted to phones

“Teens spend more than 7 hours on screens for entertainment a day...the amount of screen time does not include school work”–ABCNews.

At home, parents often believe that children use phones to listen to music; however, they do not know that their children can be exposed to dangerous content. Safe Pouches allow your children to listen to music without exposing them to dangerous content online.

Build family bond and relationship

Cell phones are great for family members to communicate; however, addiction to phones may destroy family as each of them choose to communicate with others online instead with each others to over challenges. Sexual predators and criminals often prey on vulnerable children. Safe Pouches help family create daily phone-free routines to have time for family bonding. 

With Safe Pouches, you don’t have to pay for apps’ monthly fees. Most importantly, your children can still listen to music, make calls, answer calls, or charge it. 

Sometimes, it’s too late.

Sexual predators and criminals are constantly preying on your children who are vulnerable. As busy parents, it’s almost impossible to monitor your children on their phones. Safe Pouches allow your children to list to music without exposing to online predators. Also, having established phone-free routines, your children are less likely exposed to predators and dangerous content online.

It’s impossible monitor your children all the time

As parents, you can never monitor our children actions on their phones violating violating their privacy. We may pay for expensive monthly apps to monitor your children, but they quickly find new ways to go around it.

Safe Pouches helps parents to establish proactive and positive routines to limit your children exposure to dangerous content online.

Investing in your children’s futures.

“Less screentime linked to better memory, learning in kids” – Science News for Students

“MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers” —CNNhealth


“Social media, screen time linked to depression in teens”–ABCNews

Testimonials from Students and Teachers

“Stops me from looking at the evil, EVIL screen. No distractions.”

Anonymous Student

This theme is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The theme is a game changer for the Envato Market, cant wait for the future with Flatsome. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Anonymous Student

“I think the pouches are really useful. I can easily do that as well help me stay focused and when I am allowed to listen to music I can do that without a problem.”

Anonymous Student

Safe Pouches allow me to provide a positive and immediate consequence to teach my students about responsibility. I don’t have to remind the same students multiple times; instead, I give them the pouches, and students put their phones in the pouches and keep it at their desks.

Chemistry Teacher

Safe pouches redefine my classroom management. I used Safe Pouches not only to solve problems with cellphones, but it’s more beneficial when I use it as Positive and Negative Reinforcement. Students with a grade lower than C’s have to put their phones in the Safe Pouches until their grades are C’s or higher.

John Nguyen / Chemistry Teacher

It’s super exciting to see students put their phones away in my classes. I don’t have to tell students multiple times daily. In the past, cellphones often escalate into arguments and often unnecessary administrative referrals. Safe pouches are immediate consequences that are effective and positive for both teachers and students.

Arthur Nguyen / Chemistry Teacher