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Dear Leaders of Change,

The misuse and distractions of smartphones and a lack of effective discipline undermine most schools’ equity and safety efforts. A common misconception about equity is that it is independent of equality, where equality is often viewed as unfair and unethical. However, pushing for equity without establishing equality can lead to lower expectations for certain groups, particularly at-risk groups. Consequently, it unintentionally excuses students’ failures and inappropriate behaviors instead of addressing underlying issues, potentially disabling them for life.

In today’s schools, the most toxic problems are the distractions and misuse of smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. As a classroom teacher, I hope those who are no longer classroom recognize the urgency and grave magnitude of the problems because it is hard if they are not in the classroom, facing these problems daily, minute by minute.

To illustrate, nearly 100% of students own smartphones, earbuds, or smartwatches. Students secretly engage on their phones or listen to music with their tiny, noise-canceling earbuds without a teacher knowing. Now, imagine all the students in class doing it simultaneously. When teachers remind students to put their devices away, students would take them out again a few minutes later. It is an everyday struggle for every teacher in today’s classrooms.

Social media and AI drastically exacerbate the problems. Social media, filled with endless entertainment and algorithms aimed at capturing students’ attention, makes it impossible for teachers to compete for that attention. Similarly, students use AI to cheat, from obtaining complete solutions to any math problem to having a complete essay written in minutes. Without learning accountability or valid assessments, the efforts of all teachers are rendered futile.

Administrators are also constantly battling other misuse of smartphones, such as cyberbullying, bullying, school fights, and dangerous social media challenges. It is worse for the victims of bullying and cyberbullying as their schools transform from safe havens into places of torment.

As a classroom teacher with over a decade of teaching and leadership experience, I invented the Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch. Our Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouch proactively enforces phone–free policies without the hassle of total phone bans. Its built-in safety features and implementation strategy allow essential communication, quick phone access, and education use under supervision. It proactively establishes a high-quality learning environment for all students; no students can opt out of learning activities or cheat. Now, teachers can identify struggling students early and provide meaningful support in their classes because no students can pretend to engage or cheat anymore.

More importantly, our Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch has earned the nickname “Messenger of Change.” Administrators can now delegate leadership and empower all teachers and campus supervisors to enforce impactful, yet positive, Tier 2 consequences immediately and effectively. In every classroom and in the hands of each campus supervisor, there is an Orange Tier 2 Safe Pouch serving as both an impactful visual cue and an enforcement tool. Students who lock up their devices in Tier 2 pouches must wait in line and answer a reflection question to have their pouches unlocked at the Main Office. This establishes a uniform approach to effective and positive consequences for all students; therefore, students will not be excused or suspended for minor infractions, but still held accountable for their actions. Equally important, students are not removed from their learning environment; instead, they carry the pouch around the school, educating others and their friends about school expectations. Likewise, the protocol for students returning from suspensions becomes a social-emotional learning opportunity. Students check in at the Main Office to lock up their devices in a Tier 2 Orange Pouch daily for several days, allowing them to reflect on their actions as they calmly return to the school environment.

When students attempt to damage their pouches to remove their devices, this action also provides valuable data. It helps in identifying Tier 3 students early and provides meaningful interventions before these students become emboldened to commit more serious offenses.

As a teacher, I understand that each school is unique, with its own mix of students, teachers, leaders, and parents. We offer four proven, effective implementation strategies. These range from students bringing pouches daily to keeping them in classrooms, or even using a partial class set of six Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches. In all strategies, our multi-tiered interventions ensure student accountability for the pouches and proactively prevent damage or loss. Most importantly, we focus on making the process easy and effortless for teachers, administrators, and students.

We hope you consider our Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch, the innovative tool and solution I invented to empower my fellow educators to make a difference in their professional lives and the many lives of their students. 

You can see how it works and contact us at Please act now, as our supply is limited, and processing orders may take many months.

I can provide a free sample and online demo to answer any questions.

Best Regards,

John Nguyen 

High School Chemistry Teacher and Co-Chair | Inventor  & CEO

John Nguyen
John Nguyen
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