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Students Register and Enroll in Your Courses

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Use the customizable Google Presentation to show your students how to register and enroll in your course:

  1. Make a copy of it and add your Course ID.
  2. Edit your Group ID and Give them to your class during each period.

Student View on Register and Enroll a course demo

Enroll Students in your course.

Students will enroll in your course using their school Google account. Students will find your course using a unique Course ID or short name.  Then, they will enter a secret enrollment key to enroll in a particular Group/Period in your course. 

Find your Course ID or Short name

1. Enter your course >> Setting.

2. Look for the Course ID number (If it’s blank, you can use the unique Course short name)

Find a Group’s Enrollment Key in your course.

Note: Each group will have a unique enrollment key, so students will enroll in that particular group.

1. On your course, click Participants

2. Switch Enrolled to Groups

3. Select your Group (Hint: We pre-made the groups for you, so you’ll only need to change the enrollment key)

4. Click on Edit group settings  (Note: You cannot delete any pre-made groups, but you can change their names)

5. Click on the pencil to enter your unique enrollment key and press Enter to save the change

6. Click on the eye to see your enrollment key

7. Click Save changes

8.**Repeat steps 1-7 for other groups.

Find enrolled students to add to the Support group or to Unenroll

 1. On your course, click Participants

3. Find your students and make any changes you want

1. SPED Students: Add SPED students to another group called Support

2. Unenrolled: Delete the student from the current Period group and add the student to the Unenrol group.

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