Record grades of an offline or third party’s activity.

Recording and updating students are the basic tasks for any teacher. However, most of our district’s gradebook are meaningless and infrequently updated by teachers. More importantly, it consists of only numbers without content. Likewise, many teachers will not use paper to record students’ grades anymore because of Covid. Our solution will show you how to redefine how you enter grades and communicate with students and parents easily.

TK-6 Example

MS/HS Example

Schedule the date and time for a group of students.

Note: Most elementary teach only one group of students, but they teach multiple subjects.

  1. Click on your Assignment activity
  2. Click on the  Gear >> Group overrides
  3. Select your dates and times for Due Dates, Allow submissions from and Cut-off date.  Hint: Having a Due date will allow us to see the time that has passed your Due date when you uncheck the cut-off date to allow students to turn in late work.4.Repeat for another period.

Allow more time for specific students (intervention and accommodation)

  1. Click on your Assignment activity2. Click on the  Gear >> Group overrides
  2. Repeat to add another student.

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