Upload file too large when there is only a few questions

Q and A QuestionsCategory: SleeduUpload file too large when there is only a few questions
Nguyen Teachers Staff asked 8 months ago
I export a category with only a few questions, but the export file is larger than 10 Mb.
Nguyen Teachers
Staff replied 6 months ago

When you copy and paste. Make sure to paste it as plain text. It is a hidden copyright protection embedded in your copied text.

1 Answers
Nguyen Teachers Staff answered 8 months ago
It happens when we copy text from another source, especially pdf. The text has hidden security format and code that cause the text size to really large.
Solution: Make sure to paste text as plain text.
To fix old questions: Create a new question, copy text from the old question and make sure to Paste as Plain Text.



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