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As teachers, we’ve all experienced the frustration of classroom disruptions, heated arguments, and precious instructional time lost due to phone-related issues. We also understand how administrators are swamped with responsibilities and can’t afford to be bogged down by phone-related problems. Enter the game-changing Safe Pouch: a revolutionary solution that allows you to secure students’ phones in mere seconds, eliminating the hassle and confrontation of traditional confiscation methods. Embrace a smoother, more efficient classroom experience with Safe Pouch

  1. Don’t wait for your school administrators to make a difference in classroom management and teaching.
  2. Include 10 Premium Blue Safe Pouch and 1 Magnet: You can add more pouches later.
  3. Customizable and Ready-to-Print Posters: Make a personalized digital poster with your photo and classroom expectations using our customizable Template
  4. It is easy and ready to use because it incorporates your school phone policies and class expectations. Safe Pouch is a positive behavioral intervention and support.
  5. Full refund to the teacher when your school adds your order to the school order.
  6. 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

BONUS: 1 FREE End-Nipper   3 Clear boxes for locking up smaller devices like students’ earbuds.

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Why do we hide it? We do not want students to learn all the secret aspects of it and try to figure out possible loopholes to hack our implementations.


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