Communicative Property of Multiplication


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The commutative property of multiplication is a fundamental principle in mathematics, stating that the order in which two numbers are multiplied does not affect the product. This property makes multiplication a flexible and predictable operation. Let’s explore this concept in detail with examples:

Understanding the Commutative Property:

  1. Basic Definition: In multiplication, the commutative property tells us that changing the order of the numbers we are multiplying does not change the result. In simple terms, a×b=b×a.
  2. Practical Implication: This property allows for the rearrangement of multiplication problems for ease of calculation. It’s especially helpful in mental math and when dealing with larger numbers or variables.


  1. Simple Numbers:
    • 3×4=4×3
    • Both 3×4 and 4×3 equal 12. The order of multiplication doesn’t change the product.
  2. Using Larger Numbers:
    • 7×15=15×7
    • Multiplying 7 by 15 or 15 by 7 both give 105. You can choose the order that makes the calculation easier for you.
  3. With Variables:
    • If a=5 and b=2, then a×b=b×a
    • So, 5×2=2×5, and both equal 10.
  4. Real-Life Application:
    • If you have 4 bags with 7 apples each, you can calculate the total number of apples as either 4×7 or 7×4. The result, 28 apples, remains the same.

Why It’s Useful:

  • Flexibility in Problem Solving: This property can simplify computations. For instance, it’s easier to multiply 5 x 20 than 20 x 5, but knowing they are the same helps you choose the simpler calculation.
  • Helpful in Algebra: Understanding this property is crucial in algebra, where the order of factors can be rearranged to simplify expressions.


The commutative property of multiplication is a simple yet powerful tool in mathematics. It allows for flexibility in the order of multiplying numbers and ensures that the outcome remains constant, regardless of that order. This property is not just limited to numbers but also applies to algebraic expressions. Understanding and applying this property can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in various mathematical tasks.


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