Prioritize Safety and Flexibility

Before we decide to lock all students’ phone in pouches, we have to ask the impact it has on students’ safety and ability to communicate with their parents.

As a high school teacher, John invented Safe Pouch ® that prioritize safety and flexibility.

Prioritize Safety

How do teachers and other staff open the pouches easily and quickly during an emergency? Blue Safe Pouch ® can be open with a light-weight and portable key that the school can afford for all teachers and staff at their school. We price the Blue Safe Pouch ® to be very affordable, so schools can easily afford the key for all of their teachers.

How can schools support Parents’ involvement with Safe Pouch ® at home? There are very few things that schools can support parents at home. However, Safe Pouch ® could be an effective parenting tool. Parents can buy a Blue Safe Pouch ® key to use at home to reduce students’ screen time home. Parents can also use it to reward their children at home.

Most importantly, parents can use Safe Pouch ® to enforce effective discipline at home, supporting schools’ discipline. If parents cannot afford it, schools can buy and lease it to parents. Each Blue Safe Pouch ® key only cost $25. 

Prioritize Flexibility

When we ask students to lock their phones in pouches, our main objective is to eliminate cellphone screens’ distraction. Students are addicted to what is going on their phones’ screens. Listening to music or audiobooks and talking to others are privileges that students should have outside their classes. Safe Pouch ® comes with openings that allow students to charge the phones or connect their headphones. Likewise, students can easily reach the command button to make voice commands. Using voice commands, students can make calls or answer calls.

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