Improve students’ behavior with Positive and Negative Reinforcement with Intentional Extra Credits.


Extra credits are effective tools to encourage students when we use it correctly. However, one challenge is how we documenting the extra credit for each students. Likewise, how do document when we take away extra credit points from students. More importantly, we need to do it in a way that students will see all changes in one place, so students can reflect on their actions.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. For each semester or trimester, a teacher creates an Assignment with 100 points to reward and take away extra credit points. Note: Below is the steps to create an Assignment to enter grades.
  2. Create an Assignment:
    1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic/section
    2. Click on Turn editing on.
    3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
    4. Select Assignment from Activities
    5. Enter a name
    6. Enter an instruction with directions and link(s) to your Google file.
    7. Under Availability, only check Due Dates and select the earliest due date, so it will be count toward students’ overall grades.
    8. Under Submission types, only check Online text
    9. Under Grade, enter the total point in Maximum grade, keep Simple direct grading, select the correct Grade category (very important), and enter a grade to pass (optional).
    10. Click Save and return to the course
  1. Convert the assignment to extra credit.
    1. Gear >> Gradebook setup >> Setup tab
    2. Find the activity (or category)
    3. Edit >> Edit settings
    4. Scroll down to the Parent category to find the checkbox for Extra credit
    5. Check the box for Extra credit.
    6. Click Save changes
    7. Note: Any extra credit assignment or activities will have ±
  2. Rewarding, Taking Away, and Documenting
    1. Rewarding: We create assignments to have a maximum grade of 100 points, you can reward students up to 100 points. Each time, you add more extra credit points, you only need to need to add a comment and update to a new point value.
    2. Taking away points: After we give students points, we can take away extra credit points and update them with a new value. Make sure to add a comment, so students can reflect on their actions.

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