Why should administrators digitize their schools?

Digitize a school is not a simple task for most administrators because most do not have the technical skills or have the right tool and strategies. We offer complete solutions for administrators to digitize their schools easily. We know our solution will help administrators job easier and transform their school’s culture. We know supporting teachers is critical to all students’ learning. It’s 100% Risk-FREE and FREE to try.

Measurable Benefits

  1. Streamline communications 
  2. Increase staff’s morale
  3. Increase teachers’ collaborations
  4. Centralize all resources and activities
  5. Simplify WASC processes
  6. Integrate f Google Drive and Files
  7. Redefine PLCs activities.
  8. Have fun and less stress

Getting Started 

  1. Register, Log in, and Log out (58 seconds)
  2. Request to create a PLC course for you school ( New Users) 
  3. Fill out the the Request to Create PLC course form ( Registered Users)

Set up your School Course (TK-6 or MS/HS examples)

The steps for the same for all grades, but we provide specific examples to provide more support.

  1. Edit Grade book (TK-6) (5 Minutes)
  2. Edit Group Enrollment Keys to enroll staff (TK-6) (2 Minutes)
  3. Edit Group Enrollment Keys for enroll staff (MS/HS) (4 Minutes)
  4. Best way to train and enroll all staff (8 Minutes)

Edit and use common resources and activities

We pre-set and pre-made all essential Assignment activities, so you can it in action instantly and easily.

  1. Organize and Share all Online Resource in a eBook (7 Minutes)
  2. Streamline and Centralize All Announcements in One Place (4 Minutes)
  3. Use a Label to Show Announcements Immediately (3 Minutes)
  4. Edit and Use Weekly PLC Assignment (3 Minutes)


  1. Create and Submit weekly PLC data with Google Presentation (2 Minutes)
  2. Create and Submit WASC student data with Google Presentation (2 Minutes)