2.0: Organize all resources in an Ebook

Applications: Is your Google Drive getting messy and organize with a lot of folder and files, including files and folders that share with you. Even managed to keep folders and file organized, the folders and files are numerically and alphabetically arranged. You have little control of the organization. It is even more time-consuming when you have to share and email the same files and folder with different staff again and again. More importantly, those staff probably could not find the shared files and folders easily. This organization is a communication problem that you can fix easily with our solution: an online Ebook.

An online eBook like a normal with chapter and pages. However, you can edit and organize the content with text, links, image, and video. You will use the eBook to link to all online resources in one place.

We pre-made two eBook in your school’s PLC course. One eBook is for you provide organize online resources for all staff to access. We also create another eBook that only staff in Administrator group can view and access, which help you organize and share resource with team of administrators easily and quickly.

How to Add or Edit content in your eBook.

  1. Click on the eBook
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click Turn editing on (This will show the editing icons)
  3. You can edit a chapter, add a new chapter, hide a chapter, or move a chapter.
  4. Note: You can different types of content in a chapter. You can hyperlink your text to link to any online resources, such as folders and files from your Google Drive or any other website.

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