6.0: Streamline Support and Collaboration

Applications: Are you tire of answering the same questions? Do you have motivated teachers who know most the answers? Our solution create a centralized online question-and-answer forum for all staff to ask and answer questions. This will save school leaders a lot of time, but it also create transparency and promote to trusting and collaborative culture at your school.


You and your teachers do not have to do anything. We pre-made and preset the activity in your course, so is ready to use by you and your staff easily.

Note: Make sure you and your staff changed their Forum preference to Yes: highlight new posts for me.

User’ Profile >> Preference >> Forum preferences >> select Yes: highlight new posts for me >> click Save changes.

Need Help? Contact Us to Schedule Live-Zoom Training (It’s FREE if Your School Cannot Afford It–Your contribution helps us pay server fees. Thank You)

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