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Current challenges: Teachers currently have to strategically name their folders to organize the many folders and files in online drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or other online storage. Even with our best effort, we still have a hard time finding our files or folders.

Overview of the solution: We create an online book with chapters and pages to organize all our online resources from multiples places. All we have to do is creating descriptive links. Now, we can access all the resources in one place.

  1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic
  2. Click on Turn editing on.
  3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
  4. Select Book from Resources
  5. Enter a name (Example: Teacher’s Resources)
  6. Click Save and Display
  7. Enter a name for the first chapter. Note: You edit or reorder it later if needed.
  8. Enter your content. Note: You need to have some content before you can save changes.
  9. Click Save Changes
  10. Click + to add another chapter.

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