No More Typing Short URL or link

Current Challenges: Many teachers still share resources by asking students to enter a short URL or a link. It is a tedious process, and many students have problems because it is case-sensitive or students type incorrectly.

Overview of the solution: Create a URL resource, so students only have to click on the link to access any shared resource.

  1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic/section
  2. Click on Turn editing on.
  3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
  4. Select URL from Resources
  5. Enter a descriptive name
  6. Copy and Past the meeting link in the External URL
  7. Under Appearance, select In pop-up for display.
  8. Manually control when students can access it:
    1. Under Restrict access, click on Add restriction
    2. Change to Student must not match the following (Why? Students in the group cannot access the resources or activity until the teacher deletes the group from the restrictions.)
    3. select the group.
    4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to add more groups.
    5. Note: For MS/HS, the teacher would delete the group to allow students in that group to access the resources or activity. For TK-6, you just delete the group to allow your students to access it.
  9. Click Save and return to course.

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