Blended schools and classrooms are not about using technology. It is integrating high-impact technologies to maximize the impact of teaching practices that are not possible with the help of the technology.

One common misconception of modern blended learning is that it replaces teachers with third-party websites with pre-made and self-paced lessons and practices. The excessive abuse and reliance on third-party content services is the key difference. The only inputs that teachers have on these third-party content websites are choosing which lessons and practices to assign in their classes. The lack of inputs from students’ teachers makes the learning processes impersonal for both students and teachers.

This article will show you how to implement modern blended schools and classrooms that empower teachers to provide learning equity for all students with mastery-based learning.

Different School Settings

Modern blended learning is designed to adapt effectively for any time of learning setting. As current teachers who teach chemistry and AP chemistry, our students and us transitioned from in-person to distance learning easily and with little learning loss–academic and achievement.

To illustrate, we show you how teachers can implement modern blended learning in a complex hybrid learning model below:


Using the Right Tools.

Using the wrong technologies and tools will greatly hinder your ability to implement modern blended learning. With the wrong tools, teachers will waste time and money. The lack of positive results will frustrate you and cause you fear technology in the long term.

As current teachers, we co-founded Win Elements LLC to provide educators a FREE Learning Management System with Essential Account for teachers to start implement modern blended learning by streamline essential teaching tasks:

  1. Auto-updated & Comprehensive Gradebook: Streamline intervention and support because it links to grades to activities.
  2. Full Control of Organization of Activities and Resources, Gradebook, and Questions Bank: Allow teachers to reset, make changes, and re-use entire year after year. 
  3. Integrate Google Drive and Files, YouTube videos, or any other online resources: Create media-rich and high-DOK learning activities such Interactive Notebook, Essays, and other projects.
  4. Visual Text Editor with Equations editor and other media: Teachers and students can type easily.
  5. Schedule access of Activities, Resources, and Assignments: Teachers can plan ahead or collaborate with other teachers to plan ahead.
  6. Powerful Assignments with Rubric, Personalized Feedback: Streamline critical tasks of assignment and projects by having all students’ submissions link to students’ grades, feedback, and Google Drive
  7. Create 24/7 Online Interactive Forum: Streamline and extend support outside your classroom while promoting critical thinking.
  8. Grading Online Discussion: Encourage students to participate in online discussion by grading their contribution.
  9. Online eBook: Organize all online resources in one place.
  10. Attendance: Students submit their own attendance and maintain comprehensive records online
  11. Hide video conference meeting links to prevent video bombing.
  12. Create content-rick webpage
  13. Create a static poster to make announcement or organize your course
  14. Create and collect feedback anonymously or with students’ names

We are able to offer free Essential accounts using our own teaching salary money and contributions from teachers who contribute with Premium. Please consider going to Premium help us support more teachers. 

Having the right training and support

Learning how to use a feature-rich Learning Management System website is a difficult learning curve for all types of teachers. It was more challenging for low-tech teachers.

Don’t worry, we took the time to pre-set your course with all essential settings to maximize the benefits with little effort from you. 

We also have Step-by-Step training videos for you and your students, so teachers can learn at their own paces. It also help teachers to support their students to make transition easily.

We also have 24/7 online community Questions and Answer support and live-Zoom Support. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get our Zoom link.