Meaningful Attendance

On the surface, taking daily attendance seems like a mundane and waste-of-time responsibility for a school’s Average Daily Attendance (ADA). However, current research shows that students’ daily attendance has a significant impact on students’ overall achievement and engagement. When students attend class regularly, not just school, students gain many valuable benefits:

  • Engagement: Students who attend class regularly are more engaged during class.
  • Achievement: Students who attend class regularly also complete more work and do well on assessments.
  • Social Skills: Students who attend class regularly also feel belong in the class and have the confident and trust to collaborate with others.

Many schools and consultants try to improve students’ attendance by having incentive programs that often have little impact on high-students. Likewise, some programs focus on influential factors that school staffs, especially teachers, have little control over.

However, the most important part of a solution to increase students’ attendance, especially for high-risk students, is a simple and easy task that we do every day. The only difference is how we teachers, students, and all stakeholders perceive and use the data. Often, data are taken on school information system websites such as Q, Infinite Campus, Powerschool, or Aeries. However, most teachers ignore the data of students’ attendance after they submit students’ attendance. The data of students’ attendance are fragmented and confused for students and teachers to understand because they are hidden and confused on other extra information. Consequently, both teachers and students do not bother to review students’ attendance to provide personalized intervention and support.

For many teachers, they could spend the first five minutes wasting on taking students’ attendance accurately. Many teachers rely on using a seating chart to take attendance quickly. Some teachers want to keep to a comprehensive record of all students’ attendance on a spreadsheet, so they provide intervention to increase attendance. For example, students can only make up any missing works if their absences or tardies are excused. If teachers do not maintain comprehensive data and intervention, many students would ditch their class. This is just an example of the many benefits of having and maintaining a flexible and meaningful attendance of all students.

In this article, we will share with you a simple and easy solution to streamline the process of taking your daily attendance and maintaining a detailed and comprehensive data of all students’ attendance. Most importantly, teachers, students, parents, and all other stake holder have access to the detailed data of a student’s attendance. This complete transparency in students’ attendance among all stakeholders is the key component in our solution.

More importantly, we will show you how do it while saving your valuable instructional time.

Save Time by Allowing Students to Submit Their Attendance Daily

Teachers can set attendance activity that allow students to submit their attendance daily and earn points for attending the class on time. If students are late or absent, students would not earn the full credit. Immediately, each is accountable for their attendance at the beginning of each class daily. Most importantly, each student is reminded with the comprehensive data of their overall attendance. The complete transparency make impossible for students to make any excuse about their unexcused absences or tardy.

A teacher can quickly identify and update any student’s attendance quickly and easily. This attendance is flexible and customizable based on each student’s circumstances.

Instead of wasting time taking attendance daily, teachers can reduce the time by as much as 90% by assigning that responsibility to students. More importantly, this new responsibility creates an opportunity for each student to engage immediately the moment they enter the class. Students who fail to submit their attendance a few time will not earn the full credit until learn to take responsibility daily. Students’ grades are automatically recorded and updated in their grade book.

Meaningful Attendance Report that Motivate All Students

Unlike traditional attendance report, our attendance report is comprehensive and detailed; most importantly, is accessible by all stakeholders.

Likewise, teachers can modify students’ attendance at anytime without going through other school staffs. Attendance has become a tool to motivate students.

Summary Report of all students’ attendance. Teachers can sort data to identify struggling students to provide personalized intervention and support.

Below is another view of report where a teacher can view students’ attendance for a specific time frame.

Teacher views attendance report based on weekly view.

A teacher can view detailed and comprehensive data of a particular student. Furthermore, a teacher can print or screenshot attendance data to provide intervention and support. Likewise, students and all stakeholders can quickly assess and view the data assess students’ performances.

Attendance report of a single student to provide personalized intervention and support.

Most importantly, teachers can edit and update students’ attendance at any time to maintain a personalized and meaningful attendance of each attendance. In traditional attendance, attendance is unchangeable once it is submitted.

In conclusion, our simple solution streamlines the process of taking and maintaining attendance while transforming the mundane task into a meaningful tool to motivate all students, including high-risk students.

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