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2nd grade math lessons

The order of teaching math topics in second grade may vary depending on the curriculum and teaching method used, but in general, a good starting point for teaching math in second grade would be:

  1. Counting and number recognition up to 1000
  2. Basic operations (addition, subtraction) with regrouping/carrying and borrowing
  3. Place value and number sense up to 1000
  4. Basic multiplication and division concepts and facts
  5. Measurement and time (including elapsed time)
  6. Geometry and shapes, such as identifying and describing basic 2D and 3D shapes
  7. Fractions (including identifying and comparing fractions)
  8. Basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with numbers up to 100
  9. Problem-solving and reasoning
  10. Data and graphing (including bar graphs and picture graphs)
  11. Money and basic economics concepts
  12. Telling Time
  13. Rounding
  14. Mental Maths
  15. Skip counting
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