Make it Easier with a Pre-set PLC course and Pre-made activities/resources

Hello fellow educators and school leaders, my name is John Nguyen. Together with Amy and Arthur, we co-founded Win Elements to empower educators like you to provide learning equity through transparency, individual accountability, creativity, and multi-tiered system of interventions and supports.

As current educators, we know the difficulty of learning and implementing new technology such as a Learning Management System website with a lot of amazing features.

Don’t worry. We have done all the hard work for you and your teachers, so you can just focus on creating activities and resources and enjoy the immediate impacts

In this PLC course for your school, we took the time to pre-set your course and created all essential activities and resources for you to use at your school easily.

We created a static announcement label, so only  you need to update with own announcement, which you could include text, links, images, and videos.

Announcement forum: To make announcement in one place, and it record all of our announcements so your staff can view them later. Your staff can star latest or important announcement. No more announcements lost in email.  

eBook: To organize and share all of your online resources in one place. Your staff can find them easily and view them at any time. You don’t have to email them again and again to different teachers anymore.

Resources Folder: To create folders and upload and share files without going through Google Drive. This is important because some files are not compatible with Google Drive.

General Questions and Answers Forum: All staff and you can answer the questions. Most importantly, the questions and answers are searchable and available for all staff to view and engage in. This will save you so much time because you can allocate leadership and do not have answer the same question over and over again. It is also critical to build transparency, trust, and support throughout your school.

Attendance for your to record and document your staff participation. The complete report will give your complete picture of your staff’s in one place during their entire time at your school. Most importantly, your staff also see their own attendance during their entire time at your school. This data will promote accountability and engagement for all staff at your schools.

We also organize your course into important sections. You and staff can access specific section using the left side-bar menu navigation. Most importantly, we have restricted sections that can only be accessed by your school administrators or by your school leadership team. (click on it to show it).

We also created a section for Schoolwide activities, so you and all of your staff will know where to find and access the activities every single time.

Similar to Middle and High School PLC course, TK-6 PLC course has similar structure. The main difference is the TK-6 course focuses on different grade levels instead of different subjects.

Summary of pre-set settings and pre-made activities and resources:

Weekly PLC assignment:  Using Google Presentation, teachers can organize and add their weekly findings and data before each PLCs. Most importantly, your teachers can update and make changes at any time.  You and your leadership can access teachers’ PLC data and provide personalized support quickly and easily. No more Google Forms and sorting data on Google Spreadsheet. This is essential to promote individual accountability for all teachers at your school. This simple solution promotes both individual and collective accountability while empowering individual teachers to innovative as they share their weekly findings. It will transform your PLC forever because it is will be meaningful data-driven rather than just talking.

Best lesson/strategies forum: Teacher can share with text, links, images, and video to show it actions. The vivid demonstration will inspire other teachers to implement it too. Of course, you can share them during your staff meeting or leadership meeting. This is a great to recognize amazing teachers at your school and build innovative culture among your teachers.

WASC assignment: We also create a Google Presentation Template for your teachers to make a copy and add their students’ work. Using Google Presentation, your teachers can organize the work and add images and videos from Google Drive easily. Your teacher can access the file and update it throughout the year or for many years until your WASC year. Most importantly, you and your WASC team can provide real-time feedback.  This will transform how your school prepares for your WASC year.

Restricted sections: Only your Leadership team and administrators can access. We restricted Ebook, Folder, and Forum streamline collaboration and support within your leadership team or administrators team.

A section for each department: In each department, there is an online forum. This will streamline collaboration and support within each department.  When there is a new post in forum, it will inform all of your staff. Most importantly, teachers across different department can participate in different department’s online forum. For example, a Science teacher can ask a question in the math department, and all the math teachers will see the notifications and questions to answer the questions. Other math teachers can jump in the conversation to provide more support or detailed answer over time. Most importantly, the questions and answers will always be there for other teachers to view forever. It become a powerful resources for next year and the many school years followed. I have been a PLC leaders and co-department chair is 2014, I can you tell that the most challenging part of PLC is having authentic and genuine cross-department collaboration and support. This simple solution will streamline collaboration and support across different department schoolwide.

Administrator Only section: Only administrators can access it.  In the section, we also created an ebook and Resource folder restricted to your school administrators only. We also have an online forum for you and your administrators to collaborate and support each other. This wills streamline how your administrators collaborate and support each other.

Pre-set gradebook: Teachers and you can monitor your teachers’ progress. We created the current school year category for you already. We will also show you how to create another category for another school year later.

As current educators, we co-founded Win Elements to provide this services to educators like you to transform your schools. We use own teaching salary to the pay most the operating costs because we know the future of this country depend on the success of schools. Hopefully, through transforming your schools, we will inspire our own schools to transform as well.

We have a Podcast called Win Elements. It is available on major podcast platforms. In our podcast, we share with you our struggles, successes, and practical solutions through the lenses of current educators, school leaders, parents, and students.

Any way, we will show you how to enroll your staff and teachers with easily.

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