Make and document class announcements.

Current challenges: We often oral announcements in class to recognize students’ achievement in our class or make an important announcement to remind students about important events. However, our students quickly forgot what what we said in our class.

Overview of the solution: Create an announcement in the Announcements Forum that will show up in the Latest Announcements area. Your announce are save, and your students can read them later if they forgot. More importantly, our messages are no longer lost in e-mail inboxes.

  1. On the Main Course page, click on Announcements
  2. Click Add a new topic
  3. Enter a Subject
  4. Enter your message (text, images, or videos)
  5. **Optional: Click on Advance to see the option to post to a particular group of students only. Also, you can attach a file for students to view or download.
  6. Click Post to Forum

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