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This blog category is dedicated to providing information and resources on integrating research-based teaching practices in the classroom. The articles in this category cover a variety of topics such as effective instruction, classroom management, assessment, and curriculum development. They are written by educators and researchers who provide practical tips and strategies for educators to improve their teaching practice based on the latest research and best practices. The blog also covers the latest trends in education research and how it can be applied in the classroom. Whether you’re a new teacher looking to improve your practice or an experienced educator looking to stay current with the latest research, this blog category is a great resource for educators looking to integrate research-based teaching practices in their classroom.

School Safety and Student Mental Health: The Principal’s Guide to Social Emotional Learning

School leaders and teachers 2

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, a school principal’s role extends far beyond administration. One of their most significant challenges lies in ensuring the safety and mental health of the students. This commitment encompasses not only physical safety, like mitigating bullying…

How is the Learning Management System Website that Empowers Teachers to Create Effective PLCs

Learning Management System Website and PLCs

An effective and comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) is a critical technology for creating effective Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) within schools. An LMS is an online platform that supports the creation, delivery, and management of digital learning content and resources.…

5 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Improve Schools Outcomes

School leaders and teachers 2

What are the important reasons behind the difficulty in implementing effective programs in schools? There are many reasons why schools may have difficulty implementing effective programs to improve school outcomes. Here are some of the most important reasons: Overall, implementing…

Transform One Classroom at a Time with Safe Pouch [Easy & Effective]

Multi-tiered System of Support

Unlike other educational programs, Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch is flexible and easy to implement at any time without having to implement schoolwide. Individual teachers can gain immediate benefits from Safe Pouch without having their school implement it schoolwide. At our school,…

Why Cell Phones Distractions Affect At-Risk Students Most

When teachers ignore cell phone distraction problems in their classrooms, they may not provide an environment that supports at-risk students. At-risk students are those who are considered to be more likely to struggle academically or drop out of school due to factors such as poverty, a lack of parental involvement, or a history of academic or behavioral problems.

Best Classroom Management Strategies That All Teachers Need to Know

best classroom management strategies

Why Effective Classroom Management is Critical for School Teachers Effective classroom management is critical for all school teachers because it helps to create an environment that fosters learning and encourages positive student behavior. By setting expectations up front and establishing…

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