Innovative High School Teacher Tackles Toxic Cell Phone Usage with Creative Motivational Strategy


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  • John Nguyen
  • Date:12/5/2023
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Moreno Valley, CA – At Moreno Valley High School,  a revolution in classroom management and student motivation is underway, led by the pioneering efforts of Mr. Crane, an eighth-year high school teacher. Mr. Crane, who teaches freshman biology and anatomy and physiology to juniors and seniors, has implemented a novel approach to combat the distractions of cell phones in the classroom, resulting in remarkable improvements in student behavior and academic performance.

Using a tool called the Safe Pouch, Mr. Crane has fully integrated a system where students voluntarily place their phones in a secure pouch during class. This simple yet effective strategy has shown a substantial increase in grades, with fewer failures and a higher rate of A’s and B’s, particularly among freshmen.

More than just a ban on phones, Mr. Crane’s approach ties phone usage to positive incentives. Students earn “Pouch Points” for participating, which can be redeemed for snacks, prizes, or even extra credit. Mr. Crane purchased candies, sweet drinks, and other snacks for students to purchase with their Pouch Points. This incentivization has significantly boosted punctuality and engagement, especially in challenging first-period classes.

“The Safe Pouch has been a game-changer in maintaining discipline and keeping students focused,” said Mr. Crane. “Parents have been supportive too, especially when they learn about the extra credit opportunities their children are missing out on.”

This innovative method, particularly effective since the return from the pandemic, has been welcomed by students who are now more on time, more engaged, and showing improved academic results. Initially voluntary, the program has become a requirement for freshmen, showing Mr. Crane’s commitment to student success.

Mr. Crane enthusiastically recommends the Safe Pouch to other educators and school administrators, highlighting its effectiveness in reducing disciplinary issues and improving overall academic performance.

“We’ve seen a win all around,” Mr. Crane concludes, “Fewer discipline issues, more students on time, and increased grades. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem, proving that sometimes, the most straightforward ideas can be the most effective.”

For more information about Mr. Crane’s innovative approach and the results at Win Elements LLC, please contact us at or Mr. Crane at

Win Elements LLC is co-founded by educator John Nguyen, who has 14+ years of experience in a Title 1 high school. He invented Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch® to help schools create phone-free, equitable, and accountable learning experiences for all students. 

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