Hybrid learning with equity and safety

Based on the information from many districts’ board meetings, we develop a hybrid learning model that is flexible for all grade levels, especially for secondary levels. Using blended teaching strategies and video-communication platform, we create hybrid learning model that prioritize both learning equity and safety.  Most important, the hybrid model can  switch to full Distance Learning quickly and easily for students and teachers without disrupting students’ learning.


Based on information from different districts’ board meetings and Stanford’s University Teaching Your Class Online: The Essentials, we create flexible and practical hybrid/virtual model that will provide easy for teachers and students to implement. Feel free to share with others. 

An Easy Switch to 100% Distance learning Schedule

frequently asked questions & Answers

What is the maximum number of students at 35% attendance?

Based on the maximum class size of 36, the maximum number is 13 students.

What happens when one or more class has more than 13 students requested for in-person after counselors have done their best to balance the numbers?

Because students are not switching teachers or changing schedule when switching between Distance Learning and In-person, counselor wait list students to be placed in-person until an in-person switch to distance learning. Overall, in-person become a privilege treated as first-come-first-served basis or provide to high-risk students.  Altogether,  this will reduce to total to less than 35% percent because some classes will have lower than 35% in-person.

What happen when students at home are acting inappropriately on the video platform?

Teacher can quickly kick students out, mute audio, or turn off the student’s video on the video platform, where students cannot rejoin.

Can school start with full distance learning and transition hybrid quickly in the future, or vice versa?

Yes. Because it does have a separate group of distance learning teachers and students, it’s easy to switch between 100% Distance Learning and Hybrid. Through this model, the students’ schedules are the same, and they will have the same teachers during the transition.

How is the quality of instruction through model is higher than other full-distance learning?

It based on a regular school schedule and students at home are interacting with students in class. This support a healthy social development among students. It also enforce regular schedules for both students and teachers to interact daily, which is essential to students’ emotional and academic well being.

What technology does a teacher need to have?


USB microphone (~$40) and USB webcam (~$40)

Software/Website: A comprehensive and flexible Learning Management Website.

Can students switch from in-person to distance learning easily?

Yes. Because it’s based on normal master schedule, students have the same teacher when they switch between in-person and distance learning.

Introducing the Hybrid Instruction model

Our All-in-One and flexible blended teaching solution