How to Read Analog Clock

Reading an analog clock involves understanding the positions of the hour and minute hands. Here’s a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Identify the Hour Hand: This is the shorter hand. The number it points to gives the hour. If it’s between two numbers, the hour is the lower number.
  2. Identify the Minute Hand: This is the longer hand. Each number on the clock represents 5 minutes. Count by fives to determine the minutes.
  3. Combine Hour and Minute: Put them together for the time.


  • Example 1: If the hour hand is on 3 and the minute hand is on 12, it’s 3:00.
  • Example 2: If the hour hand is halfway between 10 and 11, and the minute hand is on 6, it’s 10:30.
  • Example 3: If the hour hand is just past 8 and the minute hand is on 3, it’s 8:15.

Each step of the minute hand from one number to the next adds 5 minutes. If the minute hand is pointing directly at a number, count by fives up to that number. If it’s between numbers, count up to the nearest number and add the extra minutes.

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John Nguyen
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