How Safe Pouch Transform Schools and Learning

Phone-Free Classroom Step-by-Step Implementation (Individual Teacher)


  1. Does not need school-site implementation, individual teachers can implement in their classes.
  2. Low-cost investment since each teacher only need a few about 5 Blue Safe Pouch® and a key.
  3. Fewer students will abuse the pouch because it is always in the classrooms.


  1. Teachers must monitor and enforce cell phone policies for all students throughout the entire day. Most importantly, some teachers may allow certain to be on their phones because students are quieter when they on their phones. It creates learning inequity and lead to high failures among at-risk students.
  2. Possible inequitable learning settings: Some teachers do not want to enforce cell phone policies because it is quieter when they allow their students to be on their phones.
  3. Administrators continue to deal with cell-phone related problems between classes, such as cyberbullying, drug-related problems, and in-school flights.

Step-by-Step Implementation

MTSS/PBIS Tier 1: Teachers label their Blue Safe Pouch® to identify their pouches easily. For example, a teacher’s name (Optional Room # ) – # (J.NGUYEN (J12) – 01), or without room number (J.NGUYEN-01) We don’t include room numbers because teachers often have to change their rooms.

Daily Routines:

Effective, Ready-to-Use, and Easy Cellphone Rules and Expectation Google Presentations

Most schools have strict cellphone policies that teachers confiscate students’ phones, but most teachers are afraid to do it or touch students’ phones because of possible liability and inappropriate content on students’ phones. When the students do not follow a teacher’s cellphone policies, all the teachers have to do is put a Blue Safe Pouch on the student’s desk and walk away.  Because implementing Safe Pouch is part of class daily routines and expectations, all students know they must lock their phone in the pouch immediately. If the student refuses, students will be referred to the Administrator for MTSS Tier 2.

Customize Your Class Safe Pouch Bundle and Save Money

Phone-Free Schoolwide Step-by-Step Implementation and Analysis of Outcomes

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