How Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch Work

How Multi-tiered Safe Pouch® Works

Win Elements offers a patented Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch®, which is backed by a US patent. This innovative solution helps schools effectively eliminate smartphones, promoting safety and addressing issues such as tardiness, absenteeism, and bullying. The best part is, there are no annual fees, and repairs are provided free of charge for 180 days. In accordance with California’s Law AB 272, school districts and schools have the authority to regulate the possession or use of signaling devices on campus, except for emergencies, health reasons, or special education needs. It’s important to note that compliance with this law is mandatory for both parents and students. However, it’s crucial for schools to ensure that any confiscation or storage of students’ devices is done in a manner that aligns with the law, including implementing appropriate safety measures and access features. Failure to do so could potentially be a violation of the law.

Here is how Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch® empowering educators safely ban smartphones schoolwide with compliance to the laws and combat tardiness, absenteeism, and bullying. First, all ALL Safe Pouches have three holes to allow access and control of Smart Phones using Voice Commands to make and answer calls or change volume at any given moment. Second, all classrooms have Tier 1 Magnet to unlock any Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches in seconds. For the very few students who violated California’s Law AB 272 and other school expectations, their devices are locked up in Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch, which require those students to wait in line after school, write a short reflection and unlock their pouches. Under emergencies, those students can use scissors to cut the thread on the side of pouches to remove their devices. For the few students with Special Needs, they do not have to lock their pouches but they must keep them in their backpack at all times. 

Lastly, those students who willfully destroy the pouches, a school property, will result in the liability of the guardian for cost and possibly liable for suspensions or expulsion for students, in accordance with the Regulations of Section 305–Pupil Responsible for Care Properties

Lastly, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 274 to ban suspensions for “willful defiance” of K – 12 students, as well as suspensions and expulsions due to tardiness or truancy. Our Safe Pouch is also known as PBIS pouches  because it is a positive intervention tool for schools to correct and improve students’ behaviors before suspensions or possible tragedies. Equally important, our pouches therefore improve the school’s ADA. It is estimated that improving only 3% of ADA in a 1000-students could potentially recover over $200,000 ANNUALLY. Your investment in Safe Pouch will transform your entire school with little to now workload for teachers and administrators, save money on ineffective programs, and recover A LOT of money every year.

Now, let’s look at the daily implementation. First, school number and check out a Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouch to students. As students enter the school Main entrance, campus supervisors, staff,  and volunteer students lock up the students’ phones and smart watches in students’ pouches–Do NOT let students do it themselves. To incentivize all students, those students also earn a Pouch Points stamp, like PBIS points, students can exchange at your students’ stores for treats, school supplies, merchandise, or gain privileges like dances or other school activities. Instantly, Safe Pouch becomes Daily Rewards. At the same time, we encourage your teachers to reward their own students with their own Pouch Points log with their unique stamps and offer their own incentives such as Extra credit and Homework Passes.  

With the majority of students locked up their devices, the very few students who dare to have their device on your campus will not dare to take it out in class. If they do, it is easily spotted, and the Tier 2 Orange Pouch is waiting for them at the Main Office.

Lastly, a common concern for most school principals is the fear of parent’s resistance and decreasing enrollment. However, the research and basic common senses show the opposite. Parents love their children and want the best and SAFE education for their children. Many parents also purchase our Parents’ Safe Pouch version to use at home. Now,  For the 0.1 % of parents who still complain, you can tell them it’s the Law, not a choice. It’s time to make your school a SAFE school. SAFE is Student Accountability in a Focused Environment.

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