How many teachers use Safe Pouch to make their class phone-free and engage students

As current teachers, we know the cellphone is not just a distraction problem, but it also creates many other problems. More importantly, we can use it as a positive incentive or consequence.

We understand it can be difficult to get your school to pay for the tool you really need. We invented a Safe Pouch at affordable prices for teachers to use in their classes.

Teachers can bundle their Safe Pouch purchase and earn up to 10% more percent discount.

Below are common strategies teachers use Safe Pouch in their classes.

  1. Use Safe Pouch as part of their class routines and expectations. Since it is part of the class’ daily routines and expectations, all students would know what to do when they receive a Safe Pouch.
  2. Lock students’ phones in the Safe Pouch instead of confiscating or asking students to lock them in a drawer when students have them out or use them without the teacher’s permission. Most importantly, it is private and respectful to students. All the teacher has to do is giving a Safe Pouch to a student and walk away.
  3. Lock students’ phones when students have grades lower than 70%. It is an immediate consequences that encourage students to do well in your class. Teachers use this as an alternative to a parent call. It also teachers students to take ownership of their grades in your class.

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Learn how Safe Pouch transform your school.

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