How Educators Stop Cyberbullying and Create Phone-Free Schools.

Invented for schoolwide mtss and pbis

Safe Pouch


Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen. Create a safer and phone-free school now.


Did you know most cyberbullying, school fights, and tragedies involve cyberbullying and social media in some ways? Most cyberbullying occurs in school before our eyes, every day. How much would you pay to stop cyberbullying and prevent the next tragedy from happening to one of your students or staff?

“59% of U.S. teens have experienced cyberbullying”—PEW research center

On September of 2019, a 13-year  student was punched, fell,  and hit his head on a pillar, and he passed away a few days later. This happened in front of a classroom, and other students watched and recorded with their phones. This tragedy shocked me because it occurred in a middle school just a few blocks from my high school. The saddest thing is that school fights are very common in today’s schools. If you do a quick search on “school fights” on any social media, you will find hundreds and thousands of images and videos. Worst, they are liked and retweeted millions of times. Teens are not only addicted to cell phones, but they live on social media. They seek out school fights and drama, and they record them to share on social media to get more likes and followers. Students run to fight and cheer on when there is a fight in a school. Misuse of cell phones has become an academic, social, and health crisis in most middle schools and high schools.

I have been teaching science at a Title I high school since 2011, ranging from Earth Science, Credit Recoveries, Summer Schools, Honor Chemistry, and A.P. chemistry. In any grade level, misuse and addiction due to cellphones are like contagious viruses without any cure—teachers and administrators have given up the battle against cellphones. However, the problem is not the technology; it is the people.

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Great for Ages

The death of this student was my turning point. I have had enough of it. I dedicated my weekends, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break of 2019 to invent Safe Pouch. My wife, my younger, and I are three young science teachers, and I know I cannot wait for others to provide a practical solution. Each day without a practical solution is a day of learning lost and a day of danger for my students and my fellow teachers. After more than fifteen designs and seven prototypes, I invented Safe Pouch to lock students’ phones while allowing students to answer calls and make calls. Most importantly, teachers and staff can unlock the phone quickly and easily during any life-and-death emergency like a school shooting. I also invented Safe Pouch for educators like me to use Safe Pouch as a proactive PBIS/MTSS tool. It is not enough to lock students’ phones, but teachers and administrators use Safe Pouch as a positive and immediate discipline consequence and a rewarding tool.

immediate benefits of safe pouch
  1. Your School is Phone-Free
  2. Stop cyberbullying and related problems
  3. Stop distractions due to cellphones
  4. Create equitable learning settings
  5. Reduce discipline problems
  6. Decrease Ds and Fs in All Classes
  7. Parent can use it at home too
  8. Save Money in Long-Term



what is the cost?

Affordable & Sustainable
LIFETIME Win’s Low-Cost Repair Warranty
Unlimited Low-Cost-Repair Warranty

If your school is not satisfied FOR ANY REASON, return it within 30 days and get 100% MONEY-BACK.

What is the cost of not using Safe Pouch at your school?

A full-time teacher or academic coach costs an average of $100,000 per year. The cost of learning loss due to cellphone and related problems are paid through Summer Schools, Credit Recoveries, and Intervention Programs. Each Summer School or Credit Recovery teacher costs $5,000, and 30 teachers per year would cost $150,000 annually. Also, what is the learning quality of Summer School or Credit Recovery? Safe Pouch will Save School Money.


Teacher | Inventor of Safe Pouch


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P.S. Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen. Create a safer and phone-free school now.

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