empower teachers and Admins to create immediate impacts.

It’s time for easy and practical solutions that empower classroom teachers and school administrators to create immediate and positive impacts on students learning every day. All solutions are created and tested by current classroom teachers and administrators.

+ Eliminate distractions on cellphones

+ Reduce schoolwide discipline problems

+ Reduce D’s and F’s among at-risk students

+ Save Teachers and Admins Time and Money

100% Money back if you're not sat

transfrom Classroom Management and school discipline

Schools are unsafe when classroom discipline is unable to follow by busy school administrators. Most schools are limited to negative disciplinary consequences such as class suspensions, detentions, or parent calls, Today’s at-risk students are unaffected by those consequences are not immediate and have little impact on students’ immediate behaviors.

John Nguyen, a chemistry teacher, invented Safe Pouch as an easy and positive disciplinary tool that immediately impacts students’ behaviors. All teachers and administrators have to do are lock students’ phones in a Safe Pouch, and students keep the Safe Pouch until a teacher or administrator unlocks it at their discretion.

Safe Pouch is more than a disciplinary tool; it is also effective to reward and incentivize students.

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happy teachers make the biggest difference

Districts and schools often mistakenly think that money will make happier teachers. Worst, some think that they can PD or lectures teachers about ideas, mindset, and strategies. 

As current teachers, we spent 1000s hours creating and testing our all-in-one teaching solution with strategies and technology in our classrooms. To measure outcomes, we look at students’ feedback and learning outcomes from all students, especially at-risk students.

Our proven solutions make our students and us happier by:

[Auto-grades assignments and assessments] [Auto-updated detailed and interactive gradebook] [Flexible Organization & Schedule Activities] [Reset & Modify & Reuse the Same Courses] [Download/share Customizable Resources and Activities]

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