Safer Group Project activities in Distance, Asynchronous Hybrid, or Synchronous Hybrid Learning.

Measurable Objective
: Promote authentic learning through transparency, individual accountability, and MTSS.

Challenges of having group discussion in Distance, Hybrid, or In-person learning setting.

  1. Social Distancing among all students and a teacher.
  2. Most challenging scenario: Synchronous Hybrid learning with at-home students and in-class students participate at the same time.
  3. Applicable for full-distance, asynchronous hybrid, or synchronous hybrid learning.

Step-by-Step Solutions:

  1. The teacher group students or students make their own group
  2. Facilitate students’ collaboration and collect students’ work
    1. The teacher creates a Google Jamboard or Google slide with important guiding questions. This will be the template for students to make a copy.
    2. In the Assignment’s description, the teacher provides the link to the Jamboard/Slides with View capability only.
  3. Create an Assignment:
    1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic/section
    2. Click on Turn editing on.
    3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
    4. Select Assignment from Activities
    5. Enter a name
    6. Enter an instruction with directions and link(s) to your Google file.
    7. Under Availability, only check Due Dates and select your due date, so it will be count toward students’ overall grades.
    8. Under Submission types, only check Online text
    9. Under Grade, enter the total point in Maximum grade, keep Simple direct grading, select the correct Grade category (very important), and enter a grade to pass (optional).
    10. Click Save and return to the course
  4. One student in a group will make a copy of the Google Jamboard/Slides and share it with other students in the group. Pro tips: For complex projects, a teacher can create a folder and have students make a copy of the entire folder.
  5. On their Jamboard/Slides, students enter their names and the colors they are using. Each member in a group would use a different color to document their collaboration and inputs. Note: Only students in their group have the links, only they can view and edit them.
  6. All students submit the same Jamboard/Slides link and all students’ names in their group in their assignments, so they can quickly access their files on Sleedu by using the links. Also, the teacher can find their work easily.
  7. Grade group’s project
    1. Since all students enter all students’ names and the same Share links in their submissions, the teacher only needs to grade one student. Then, the teacher can quickly find other students to copy and paste the grade and other meaningful feedback for other students. Using a rubric, it will only take a teacher a minute to grade all students in a group. Pro tips: The teacher can comment on students’ work directly on the files

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