Geometry Curriculum

UNIT 1: Constructions and Rigid Transformations

Geometry 1.1 Constructions: Learning basic geometric constructions using a compass and straightedge.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.D.12

Geometry 1.2 Rigid Transformations: Exploring transformations that preserve distance and angle measures.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.A.2

Geometry 1.3 Evidence and Proof: Developing an understanding of geometric proof.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.C.9

Geometry 1.4 Designs: Applying constructions and transformations in geometric design.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.D.12

UNIT 2: Congruence

Geometry 2.1 Congruent Triangles: Investigating the criteria for triangle congruence.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.B.7

Geometry 2.2 Proofs about Quadrilaterals: Developing proofs related to the properties of quadrilaterals.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.C.11

Geometry 2.3 Putting It All Together: Integrating knowledge of congruence in various contexts.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.B.8

UNIT 3: Similarity

Geometry 3.1 Properties of Dilations: Exploring properties of dilations and scale factors.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.A.1

Geometry 3.2 Similarity Transformations and Proportional Reasoning: Understanding similarity through transformations and proportional reasoning.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.B.5

Geometry 3.3 Similarity in Right Triangles: Investigating similarity in the context of right triangles.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.C.8

Geometry 3.4 Putting It All Together: Applying concepts of similarity in various situations.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.B.5

UNIT 4: Right Triangle Trigonometry

Geometry 4.1 Angles and Steepness: Understanding angles and their measures.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.C.6

Geometry 4.2 Defining Trigonometric Ratios: Introducing trigonometric ratios for right triangles.
Common Core Standards: G-SRT.C.6

UNIT 5: Solid Geometry

Geometry 5.1 Cross Sections, Scaling, and Area: Exploring cross-sections, scaling, and areas of solids.
Common Core Standards: G-GMD.A.1

Geometry 5.2 Scaling Solids: Understanding the effects of scaling on volume and surface area.
Common Core Standards: G-GMD.A.3

Geometry 5.3 Prism and Cylinder Volumes: Calculating volumes of prisms and cylinders.
Common Core Standards: G-GMD.B.4

Geometry 5.4 Understanding Pyramid Volumes: Investigating the volumes of pyramids.
Common Core Standards: G-GMD.B.4

Geometry 5.5 Putting it All Together: Integrating solid geometry concepts in various applications.
Common Core Standards: G-GMD.A.3

UNIT 6: Coordinate Geometry

Geometry 6.1 Transformations in the Plane: Applying geometric transformations in the coordinate plane.
Common Core Standards: G-CO.A.5

Geometry 6.2 Distances, Circles, and Parabolas: Exploring distances and the equations of circles and parabolas.
Common Core Standards: G-GPE.B.4

Geometry 6.3 Proving Geometric Theorems Algebraically: Using algebra to prove geometric theorems.
Common Core Standards: G-GPE.B.4

Geometry 6.4 Putting it All Together: Applying coordinate geometry in diverse contexts.
Common Core Standards: G-GPE.B.7

UNIT 7: Circles

Geometry 7.1 Lines, Angles, and Circles: Understanding the relationships between lines, angles, and circles.
Common Core Standards: G-C.B.5

Geometry 7.2 Polygons and Circles: Exploring the interactions between polygons and circles.
Common Core Standards: G-C.A.2

Geometry 7.3 Measuring Circles: Investigating properties and measurements of circles.
Common Core Standards: G-C.B.4

Geometry 7.4 Putting It All Together: Integrating circle geometry concepts in various scenarios.
Common Core Standards: G-C.A.1

UNIT 8: Conditional Probability

Geometry 8.1 Up to Chance: Understanding basic concepts of probability.
Common Core Standards: S-CP.A.1

Geometry 8.2 Combining Events: Exploring probability rules for combined events.
Common Core Standards: S-CP.A.2

Geometry 8.3 Related Events: Investigating probabilities of related events.
Common Core Standards: S-CP.B.6

Geometry 8.4 Conditional Probability: Calculating and interpreting conditional probabilities.
Common Core Standards: S-CP.B.7

This curriculum covers a wide range of geometric concepts, ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of geometry, aligned with the Common Core Standards.

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