End of 1st Semester: Export Semester Grade and Edit Gradebook for next Semester

Current Challenges: Many online programs and websites often require us educators to re-create resources and activities every new school year; consequently, we have to waste time to re-create the resources and activities every new school year.

Overview of the solution: We help you create a course with a flexible and comprehensive course that we can use and continue to redefine over the course of our teaching career. In this example, we will show you how to transition to a next semester easily.

Export Semester Grades

  1. Gear >> Gradebook setup >> Export tab
  2. Select Excel spreadsheet tab
  3. Select the group/period (Note: You’ll need to export one period at a time)
  4. Scroll down to see Export format options to select Real and Percentage. 
  5. Click download

Edit and Protect your sheet

  1. Open the download Excel File
  2. Delete any unwanted column(s)
  3. To protect your sheet with a password, File>>Info>> Protect Workbook >> Protect Current Sheet
  4. Enter your password (Hint: Use the same password for all classes, so you don’t have to memorize them.
  5. To save the file, File >> Save and rename it based on the course’s name, period, semester, and year (ex: chemistry3-s1-2020)

Hide Current Semester’s Grades and Set to 0

Why?: We hide the previous semester’s grades and set its Weights to zero, so the activities are hidden from students’ gradebook, but students can still access or attempt the previous semester’s resources and practices to build mastery without affecting their current semester grades.

  1. Gear >> Gradebook setup >> Setup tab
  2. To Hide: You can only change one category at a time. Go to the grade category (Not its category total), click on Edit>>Hide
  3. Repeat step # 2 to hide another grade category. Warning: Do not hide the category total.
  4. To set to zero:  You can apply to one or more categories at the same time.  Check the box for Weights of one or more categories. Then, scroll down to click Save Changes. 5.Be patient and wait. Do NOT do anything else.

Plan ahead for the next semester while you are about to end the current trimester.

  1. Check the box for Weights and set to 0 for any categories that are not in the current semester (or categories of your current semester that you are not currently assigning to students)
  2. Click Save Change

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