Help Us Empower More Teachers and Unlock More Storage and Features to Streamline Your Teaching.

We will help your teacher create a powerful course that they can re-use for the same class for the rest of their teaching careers, even if they move to different schools or districts. Teachers continue to modify and improve their courses over their careers to create a powerful tool that streamlines learning equity for all students. This the principle of Sleedu-ing.

To promote and reward innovation and creativity, Premium/School/District teachers can become a vendor to sell their activities and resources and earn 60% on sales.

Free (Limited)
Include all essential functions to streamline teaching.

Essential  for Blended Classrooms

  1. Online step-by-step training videos
  2. Access community support when need it.
  3. Pre-set and Read-to-use Course
  4. Maximum 2 FREE Course
  5. Unlimited Storage
  6. 170 students per course
  7. Auto-updated & Comprehensive Gradebook
  8. Full Control of Organization of Activities, Resources, Gradebook, and Questions Bank
  9. Integrate Google Drive and Files, YouTube videos, or any other online resources.
  10. Visual Text Editor with Equations editor and other media.
  11. Schedule access of Activities, Resources, and Assignments
  12. Powerful Assignments with Rubric, Personalized Feedback. 
  13. Create 24/7 Online Interactive Forum.
  14. Grading Forum to engage students with online discussion
  15. Online Book to organize all online resources in one place.
  16. Students submit their own attendance and maintain comprehensive records
  17. Hide video conference meeting links to prevent video bombing.
  18. Create content-rick webpage
  19. Create a static poster to make announcement or organize your course
  20. Create and collect feedback anonymously or with students’ names
  21. Maximum upload size is 10 kilobytes.
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