Streamline Equitable Grading with MTSS

Disclaimers: All feedbacks from students are anonymous. Students and parents are NOT rewarded or encouraged in anyways to provide positive feedback. Also, students and parents have agreed and given permission to share their feedback with others. Most importantly, students’ feedback is their honest opinions only and does not mean that they endorse or support Win Elements LLC in any way or form.

Why? Often, schools do not give teachers room to fail. As brave educators who take risks to innovate this new teaching model, we often face criticisms from others. Hopefully, our students’ anonymous feedback will illustrate how our modern blended pedagogies provide learning equity for all students to increase students’ learning and successes.

” I really enjoy the auto-updated gradebook because it helps decrease my anxiety.”

“Using the comprehensive and auto-updated gradebook on StreamlineED [now,]  has been really beneficial for many students. Not only does it provide instant feedback, but it allows you to see where you went wrong on specific assignments. Personally, when I am struggling with material in other classes, I do not know what I am doing wrong because all I see is a grade. I do not know what I did good or bad. This just leaves students to struggle because they do not know what to do to ask for help. Using StreamlineED [now,] has really helped me better my education. I instantly know whether I am doing something right or wrong. This helps me know what I need to change instantly. If I need to do something differently, StreamlineED [now,] tells me right as I check questions. Using StreamlineED [now,] has provided learning equity for all students because it allows us students to see the data from the work we have already completed. We can also go back and view our grades on certain assignments. This is so beneficial because it is not as confusing as the regular gradebook. StreamlineED [now,] even allows us to redo some assignments. This really helps me because I know I have extra help provided if I need it. If we just used the regular percentage grading system, it would be very challenging to know what I am doing wrong. I would never know how to ask for help and this can sometimes lead students to give up. I really enjoy the auto-updated gradebook because it helps decrease my anxiety. I do not have to stress about when a big assignment is put into the gradebook. I know it instantly goes into the gradebook, and if for some reason I do not like the grade, I know there are options to change that. In my opinion, the comprehensive and auto-updated gradebook on StreamlineED [now,] provides a greater learning equity for students than the [other] gradebook.”

This system provides learning equity for students because it allows students to have instant feedback on their work. This allows students to know how well the are doing in the class or what they must improve on. That way, students can go back on their notes, since we are allowed to review notes in case we need more help, and reattempt assignments for a higher grade. Students do not get punished for previous attempts since streamlineED [now, Sleedu] takes the highest score. After they do this, they do not have to wait until the teacher puts in the grades, they will know the second they complete the work. Stream also gives students feedback on their assignments. It lets you know what parts of the equation are correct and which are wrong. This lets students know what they must fix and helps them better understand lessons. Overall, streamlineED [now, Sleedu] is a much better tool for students since it is quick and instant.

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