How Teachers/Admins STOP the Same Students Breaking the Rules Repeatedly.

Repeated Students

Are you tired of seeing the same students in your offices? Did you know most guardians of high-risk students have little impact on their children’s behaviors? Did you know high-risk students do not care much about grades, class suspensions, school suspensions, parent calls, detentions, counseling, and other disciplinary consequences?

When school do not intervene at early ages, these students learn to accept their failures as hopeless reality. They stop caring about academic successes or any discipline consequences until they finally give up and drop out of school. Worst, these students also affects many other problems:

  • Disrupt
  • Bullying
  • School fights
  • Drug usage
  • Cyberbullying

Fortunately, we know all students are addicted to cellphones and love to listen to music. I invented Safe Pouch to provide teachers, administrators, and all staff to use Safe Pouch as an immediate and high-impact discipline tool.

Classroom teachers can use Safe Pouch as a Rewarding tool without sacrificing students’ learning.

  • Reward students who have greater than 80% to listen to music during independent activity on a specific day.
  • Reward improved students to listen to music during independent activity on a specific day.
  • Reward amazing students to listen to music during independent activity on a specific day.

All students love listening music. When they are only who can, they will inspire other students to change their behaviors to earn those reward too. Positivity is as contagious as negativity.

However, I invented with Safe Pouch as PBIS/MTSS discipline tool at classroom and schoolwide levels.

For example, some students repeatedly disrupt others’ learning by excessive talking, walking around at inappropriate times, touching others, making disruptive noises, and touching others. Verbal warning, parents’ call, or proximity have little effect on most students. I invented an Orange Safe Pouch® with Power Lock for teachers and other staff to use as an immediate and high-impact discipline tool that will affect these students’ behaviors immediately. If your school have schoolwide expectations and discipline procedure to use the Orange Safe Pouch, it will forever change classroom management schoolwide.

For example, teachers unlock the student’s Blue Safe Pouch and lock the student’s phone in an Orange Safe Pouch. can lock the phones of disruptive students in Orange Safe Pouch®. The Orange Safe Pouch® become a symbol of positive disciplinary consequence and high-expecation of your school for all students. The implemenation is practical and easy that teachers will love to implement in their classes. The best part is that administrators do not get involve, so they can spend more time on other issues. Of course, we have extremely defiant students who will fight to the bitter end. It is okay. These students will be worse if you don’t enforce your expectations and let them walk over you. They will destroy your class and continue to disrupt other students’ learning. In these rare case, it is time to bring in our administrators and parents. In the end, how many of those students do we have in each school? We have reduce most discipline problems by 70% already. Now, our administrators and staff can have all the time they need to work with those extreme students.

In order to unlock their Orange Safe Pouch, students have to wait in line and write a reflection to turn in at the Main Office. How many times a student will have to wait in line until they change their behavior?

When students are getting in line to have to Unlock their phone Orange Safe Pouch, other students will see it as well. This further enforces the high expectations at your school. More importantly, the school needs to have students fill out a form that ask them the students to reflect on their action. Your form may include essential component below:

Student’s Name: __________ Student’s ID: _________ Today’s Date:______

Reflection: What did you do? What will you do differently next time?

Overall, Safe Pouch is a discipline tool that today teachers and administrators need to implement Restorative Practices, PBIS, and MTSS at their schools.

I invented Safe Pouch after the incident of Diego’s death to empower today’s educators like us to STOP cyberbullying in schools and create a Phone-FREE school.

After the tragic death of Diego in a nearby middle school (NBC News), I spent my Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break of 2019 to design and invent a solution to STOP cyberbullying in school and creating a phone-free school. As a high science teacher since 2011, I have witnessed the negative impacts of cell phones and social media on students’ grades and behaviors. It is getting worse every day.

Safe Pouch lock students’ phones inside and can are unlocked quickly and easily during an emergency. Safe Pouch allows students to answer calls or make calls during an emergency, lunchtime, or passing periods without removing their phones from Safe Pouch.

School also support Parents to use Safe Pouch at home as a powerful parenting tool and reduce screen time at home.

What are possible measurable benefits that you may observe at your schools when implementing Safe Pouch®?

  1. Phone-Free schools
  2. Reduce cyberbully and therefore reduce possible school fights
  3. Increase students’ engagements and learning
  4. Increase student achievements for all students.
  5. No more complaints from teachers about cellphone problems.
  6. Empower administrators with a high-impact, easy, and immediate disciplinary tool
  7. Save money. Because cellphone is the underlining cause of many problems. Solving it will also solve many other problems. Altogether, this will save your school a lot of money.
  8. Most importantly, Safe Pouch is easy, affordable, and sustainable.

When we priced Safe Pouch, we make sure it is affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. There are NO ANNUAL LEASE FEE and HIDDEN FEE

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